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Google three-dimensional pinball game web version, you can play it by opening a browser, mobile phone or computer

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Google three-dimensional pinball game web version, you can play it by opening a browser, mobile phone or computer

At the Google I/O event a few days ago, Google launched a new “3D pinball game web version”, developed using the Flutter framework, which can be played by opening a browser without installing anything, and it is available on both computers, iOS and Android. Can play, not only the speed is very smooth, the playability is also good, and it can also compare with global players who has the highest score, which is very suitable for killing time.

Introduction to Google Pinball Game Web Version

  • Click me to go to Google Pinball game web version

The design of the web version of Google’s three-dimensional pinball game is very similar to letting people enter a video game field. There are other machines on the left and right sides of the pinball table, and the words INSERT COIN are also written, but unfortunately there is no way Really switch play. Click Play below to start the 3D pinball game:

Then choose the character you like. There are currently four types, namely Dash, Sparky, Android and Dino. Dino is a little dinosaur that everyone is very familiar with. It accompanies many people when they are disconnected. After selecting, press Select:

Then I will tell you how to operate. There are three marble launch buttons on the computer version, down arrow, Space and S. There are also two buttons on the left and right baffles, AD or , depending on which one you are used to:

You can start playing! Remember to press the marbles for a long time when launching the marbles, so that the force is enough, and if the force is not enough, it will fall off and re-launch. And every time there are three marbles in the game, it ends when they fall, and see how many points you can get with these three marbles. This pinball design is very Google, very colorful:

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Just like the classic pinball table, the score obtained by hitting each scene and object is different. If the upper left corner successfully enters the door under the fire, it will become a fireball, and some will have exclusive animations: very interesting:

If you meet a certain condition, you can also get an extra marble, allowing you to hit multiple marbles at a time, and the score will increase relatively faster, but it will also test your reaction:

After the end, you will see your total score, and enter your name to compare with players around the world:

You can also share your results with friends to see who has the highest score:

The picture below is the iPhone version. Compared with the computer web version, although there is no feeling of entering an electronic playground, the operation and play are more intuitive:

The operation of the mobile version is not the same as that of the computer. The mobile phone directly clicks the function you want to use, such as: the transmitter clicks the launch, and the baffle plate directly clicks the baffle:

The pinball table will fill the entire screen, making it more immersive to play:

So, people who don’t want to download another game app and want to find a game to pass the time, this Google three-dimensional pinball table is quite good to play and can be collected.

In addition to this one, Google used to hide the pinball game in the Google App in the past. The design of this game is relatively simple, and it is flat. Friends who want to know how to find it can click me to read this article:

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