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Gossip comes true! “Dragon in Man” Minhiro Nagoshi and Daisuke Sato leave SEGA, the new system of Renlong Studio is unveiled | 4Gamers

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The time to come is finally here. SEGA earlier officially announced that the production director of “Dragon in the Man Studio”, Minhiro Koshi and producer Daisuke Sato, will leave SEGA.

Nagoshi Minhiro’s public statement in SEGA thanked the players for their support for a long time, and please look forward to all new beginnings in the future. Daisuke Sato reviewed his studio career over the past 9 years through a statement.

At the end of August, it was widely rumored that Minoro Ming Yue was about to leave SEGA for 22 years and dropped shock bombs between the industry and players. Although it was rumored that he would join NetEase (web link), there was no further confirmation in this news. Keep tracking.

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Brand new, compiled by the Dragon among People Studio

The Dragon in the Human Studio will be replaced by Yokoyama Masaoyi as the studio representative and production director.

The new core lineup includes Chief Producer Ryosuke Horii, Chief Producer Hiroyuki Sakamoto, Technical Director Ito, Art Producer Nobuaki Mitake, Animation Producer Sormachi Takayuki, Design Director and Video Supervisor Daisuke Fukagawa.

Yokoyama Masahiro described his feelings for the “Dragon in Man” series with “something that must be guarded”; he used “In order to keep the “dragon” in the future as a “dragon””, he established the “Dragon in Man” studio 10 years ago. Announcement of the new lineup once again.

On August 31, 2011, the establishment of the Dragon in Man studio was announced in Tokyo. At that time, Minhiro Nagoshi, who was the chief supervisor of the “Dragon in Man” series, announced the studio compilation composed of the series development team; at that time, it was composed of Yokoyama Masao and Sato Daisuke. , Masayoshi Kikuchi, and Yojiro Ogawa attended.

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On the day of its establishment, the “Dragon in Man 5” development project was launched simultaneously, and the release date of “Black Panther 2 Dragon in Man Asura” was announced. Incidentally, Masayoshi Kikuchi is now in charge of SEGA mobile game development, and Yojiro Ogawa has left SEGA.



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