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Government: crisis weighs on measures for health – Medicine

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Government: crisis weighs on measures for health – Medicine

From the reorganization of research and treatment institutes to the end of life bill, from the decrees on rare diseases to the National Oncology Plan. There are many health measures on which the government crisis weighs like a boulder and which risk slipping or ending up on a dead end. The weak will lose, underlines Senator Paola Binetti, president of the parliamentary intergroup on rare diseases, who appeals to the resigning prime minister: “we would like the citizens not to pay the price for this early termination of the legislature. Draghi yes guarantee the conclusion of the many works that are still pending “. Here are the measures.

IRCCS: reorganization of the IRCCS network already approved at first reading by the House and launched for rapid approval in the Senate. Also envisaged by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), it aims to improve the relationship between research, innovation and treatment.

END OF LIFE: “Provisions on medically assisted voluntary death”, which arrived at second reading in the Senate but profoundly modified compared to the original version, from which legal euthanasia had been removed. Instead, the PDL had already been effectively blocked to make gestation for other universal offenses.

ESSENTIAL CARE: after more than 5 years from the approval of the new essential levels of assistance, still today many do not have access to them due to the failure to issue the Decree that must define the rates of specialist outpatient services, including assisted fertilization.

HIV: is the draft law for the prevention and fight against AIDS, which provides for the possibility of carrying out the test even by minors without the authorization of the parent.

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RARE DISEASES AND IMPLEMENTATION DL: the writing of important implementing decrees is envisaged, from those on the European regulation for animal health to those for the consolidated text on rare diseases, to those of the SunShine Act which provide for the creation of the register of the disbursements of pharmaceutical companies to health workers.

CANCER: National Cancer Plan, the subject of an agenda approved in the Senate at the beginning of July, which should, among other things, strengthen screening slowed down by the Covid pandemic.

DISABILITY: for now, the bill on the Health Budget under consideration in the Social Affairs Commission and dear to the 5Stelle has been set aside, which aims to revolutionize social and health care, putting the non self-sufficient person, with psychiatric or chronic pathologies, at the center of an individualized path. The Government Delegation Law on disability is also on standby.

COMPETITION DDL. Monday in the Chamber. For health, it includes, among other things, the modification of the regulations on the assignment of management positions in the National Health Service and the revision of the system for the production of blood products.

On the agenda but at stake the work of the Commission of Inquiry on asbestos in the Chamber. In Social Affairs will also stop the examination of the amendments to the law on health responsibility. And the discipline of funeral activities will not see the light either in this legislature, a work of revision of the current system, still in the nineteenth-century style. Also on the agenda is the update of Ministerial Decree 70 for the reorganization of the hospital network.

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