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Green pass: failure to verify customers, stop at the gym 5 days – Marche

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Ancona gym closed for five days by the Ancone Police Headquarters because the entrance clerk did not verify the possession of the Green pass by the customers. The police administrative team ascertained that the personal trainer at the entrance did not comply with the anti-Covid legislation; another violation found concerns the fact that it was also omitted to control the temperature of people when they entered the structure.
For these reasons, an administrative sanction of 400 euros with the adjoining closure of the activity for 5 days was taken against the owner of the Ancona gym, a period of time available to comply with the legislation. In the event of a repeat offense, the closure will increase to 30 days.
“The checks – the Police Headquarters said – will continue in order to contain the contagions of the Covid virus and protect the health of citizens”. (HANDLE).


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