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Green pass, from restaurants to gyms: where the vaccine is needed, where the swab is enough and what remains free

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The Council of Ministers has approved a decree law introducing the so-called “Enhanced” green pass, or a green certificate valid only for people vaccinated or recovered from Covid, whose duration becomes nine months. The new certificate will be needed in the area bianca (until January 15, except for extensions), yellow and orange to access “shows, sporting events, indoor catering, parties and discos, public ceremonies”. Pending the final text of the decree, we will therefore see specifically for which activities from 6 December the “strengthened” green pass will be required, for what the “basic” green pass will be enough (and therefore an antigenic or negative molecular buffer will be sufficient) and which activities remain free, ie without the need for a certificate.

Where and what the super green pass is for (vaccinated and cured)

Starting from December 6 in the white zone the places of culture, entertainment and free time (with the exception of gyms, swimming pools and indoor sports activities) will be accessible only to those who are vaccinated and cured of Covid. Basically to get in cinemas, theaters, stadiums and sports halls, stadium exhibitions, indoor bars and restaurants, nightclubs, and museums the “reinforced” green pass will be needed. The tampon will no longer be accepted, as is the case now. Except for extensions, the application of the super green pass in the white area is limited to January 15th.

The super green pass is also applied in a “structural” way yellow zone and in Orange, dove there will be no more limits and closures. That is to say that in the yellow zone the discos remain open and the contested rule of the four diners at the table in the restaurant no longer applies (but there are those who claim that it had already been archived). As in the orange zone, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, stadiums and ski resorts do not close. All these activities will always be accessible, with the same capacity limits as the white zone. But only for those who are vaccinated or cured, that is, in possession of the reinforced Green pass. Therefore, in the white, yellow and orange areas for discos, the capacity cannot exceed 75 percent of the maximum authorized outdoors and 50 percent indoors. Cinemas and theaters fill up to 100%. Stadiums at 75% and indoor sports facilities at 50%.

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Where and for what the “basic” green pass (also buffer) is enough

The “basic” green pass, that is the green certificate that is also obtained with a negative antigenic or molecular buffer, remains confirmed in the white area to access the place of work, to get on long-distance means of transport (high-speed trains, intercity trains, airplanes etc.) as well as in gym and swimming pool e indoor sports activity. But from 6 December also for: staying in the hotels, access the locker rooms for sporting activities, use the means of the regional rail transport and local public transport ie subways, buses and trams.

Also in this case these are rules that also apply in the yellow and orange zone. But in orange, some restrictions may apply to the unvaccinated. Therefore, indoor gyms and sports activities could only be accessible with a “reinforced” green pass. It will be the final text to clarify this.

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