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“GTA 6” is rumored to come out as late as 2025 | XFastest News

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There are rumors that “GTA 6” will not be able to meet with players until 2025, because Rockstar is now very taboo against working overtime.

The media previously reported in series that the RDR2 rushing to work caused harm to the physical and mental health of Rockstar employees, and the company now attaches great importance to employee welfare. Since the development of “GTA 6” also takes into account the operation of “GTA Online”, the company is trying its best to provide employees with a relaxed working environment.

Considering that there is a huge gap between the installed capacity of PS5 and XSX/XSS and the number of users on the previous generation platform, Take-Two/Rockstar will patiently wait for the number of users on the new generation platform to grow to a satisfactory level, and then release “GTA 6” to make profits maximize.

Rockstar will wait until it is absolutely certain to announce the launch date of “GTA 6” in order to eliminate the notorious bouncing notoriety. Until then, GTA Onine can also provide stable cash flow, and the third-party publishing business that Take-Two and 2K Games are responsible for can also maintain the company’s operations.

The breadth of game content and the complexity of technology have forced traditional masterpieces to slow down. In an interview with the media, Bethesda producer Todd Howard said: “The technology used in “Starry Sky”, such as the Creation Engine 2 game engine, is a universal technology pavement. Our current focus is on Starry Sky, but there are other projects in parallel. Everyone Work is intertwined.”

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“You can think that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in the design stage. What we care most about is technical issues: Can the designer’s vision be realized? Every game will use new technology, and the Elder Scrolls 6 is no exception.

In addition to satisfying Bethesda’s desire for space conquest, “Starry Sky” is also responsible for verifying the engine technology for “The Elder Scrolls 6,” that is, the boundaries of Creation Engine 2 determine the height that “The Elder Scrolls 6” can reach. Considering that “Starry Sky” will not come out until next year, “The Elder Scrolls 6” will not enter the full development stage after that, and waiting until 2025 is not a dream.


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