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“GTA Trilogy Final Edition” resumes sales on PC

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Three days after “GTA Trilogy Final Edition” was temporarily removed from the PC platform, Rockstar is now finally backrecoverThe sale of this set of works on the Rockstar Games Launcher. The reason for the removal of the game was allegedly to “delete some of the data that was inadvertently included.” Rockstar also apologized for this and promised to “continue to update and improve the overall performance of the game.”

That is to say, not long after the “Final Edition” was released, players began to criticize this remake for lack of sincerity. A large number of bugs have seriously affected the playing experience, and the rating of the game on Metacritic can be said to be horrible. Not only that, last week Rockstar shut down the Rockstar Games Launcher for more than a day due to maintenance reasons. This has caused many players who bought the “Final Edition” to return home in frustration, and the players of “GTA Online” and “Red Dead Redemption” have also been affected. With so many problems, it’s no wonder that players will complain.

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