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GTA V prepares for the most awaited patch, after almost 10 years

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GTA V prepares for the most awaited patch, after almost 10 years

The gaming landscape has changed considerably over the last 10 years, bringing with it a breath of fresh air and accessibility features that we take for granted today but which, when it was officially launched GTA V for the first time, probably they weren’t so immediate.

Despite multiple released versions of Rockstar Games’ award-winning open world, including the most recent next-gen edition (find it su Amazon), the developers had never thought of solving one of the most nerve-wracking problems for those who want to explore the open world “quickly”.

As users will know, in order to run it is indeed necessary constantly press a single key: an action that for some players can be quite unnerving.

Fortunately, as reported by Push Squarethings are about to change: Rockstar Games has indeed announced that the new patch Of GTA V will allow to be able to simply hold down the appropriate button to be able to run, without necessarily having to tire your fingers.

The developers have signaled that this change will be officially implemented are GTA Onlinewhile for the moment there has been no mention for the single player offline campaign.

However, given the nature of the change, it would seem really weird not to implement how aggiornamento “quality of life” also for those who want to relive the main story: the patch is currently planned for the next one June 13th and you can discover all the news at following address.

The new update shows that Rockstar Games still has no intention of abandoning the fifth installment of the series, despite the fact that the team is fully working to «achieve perfection» con GTA 6.

Speech, unfortunately, clearly different for Red Dead Redemption 2: despite the fact that the updates have been effectively stopped, the western continues to be unstoppable — to the point that even the publisher has admitted to having sold more copies than expected.

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But also Grand Theft Auto it’s not doing badly at all: Take-Two has revealed that the series has exceeded 400 million copies sold overall.

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