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Guide to the gadget you don’t expect under the Christmas tree

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Only until a few years ago, it was still possible to distinguish everyday objects from more specifically technological ones. A telephone, for example, was a telephone and was used to make telephone calls. Today, every object has become smart, intelligent, connected, and has its own app, its ecosystem. And we all (or almost) live the spaces as the sets of the personal film of our life.

We have collected the most interesting and curious gadgets, for all uses, from home automation to outdoor, on the wave of what is now the clearest trend on every market: connect and share moments, life at 360 °. The Airtags from Apple they are position detectors that can be combined with any important object: bags, wallets, documents. Through the “Where is” app for Apple devices, the user will always know the last detected position of the connected object.

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The smart lights of Twinkly they are multicolored led strips, they can reproduce plays of light and patterns to the rhythm of music. Now a classic in influencers’ Christmas videos. There Fuji Instax Mini 40 is dedicated to lovers of “retro” photography without losing the connection with today’s times. From design to image printing, snapshot, the idea is to bring the “point and shoot” back to a vintage dimension.

The drone DJI Mavic 3 is one of the top products for lovers of remote flight, and takes the best of what DJI has accomplished in recent years. First level photographic skills and good flight autonomy, it is suitable for both the novice and the drone professional.

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Then the kit is interesting Powerup 4.0, a new generation of paper airplane kits, particularly easy to fly. In the sound field, on an important price range, around 5,900 euros, there is the Cassina crystal radio. A completely transparent audio reproduction device designed by Franco Albini in 1938 and up to now in a contemporary version. Also noteworthy is the kit Lego Super Mario, with the iconic Nintendo character to be built with classic bricks, with its platform scenario. Dedicated to Xbox users fans of Star Wars then there is thehard disk Game Drive Seagate da 2 terabyte with two-year data recovery service included.
And since memory is never enough, Lexar’s MicroSD cards come in several denominations.

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