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Gym Workout, Tribal Fit, Blaze and Punch, that’s what they are

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The plans of the gyms are enriched. Alongside the traditional courses, here are three new proposals

If the year started full of good intentions, and after a month, we have put some into action, let’s continue under the sign of well-being: in the gym let’s rely on news to be motivated and overcome repetitiveness. We rely on three proposals, for everyone. Let’s see which ones.

Tribal Fit: for those who love to train at high intensity. This is the novelty proposed and launched by Centro Ambrosiano in Milan. To enrich the offer of proposals related to professional tennis, padel, pilates, there is a novelty for the training indoor which aims to improve physical fitness with fun and never repetitive exercises, the Tribal Fit, tribal training, tough, effective. The dynamic, high-intensity course lasting 45 minutes which combines aCardiovascular training with intense muscle strengthening exercises. The class is divided into 3 groups who work at the same time: running on a treadmill, strength training with weight lifting, fighting with punching bags. Individual effort thanks to the heart rate monitor is projected and monitored in real time on a big screen. The room is characterized by lights and dance music designed to stimulate energy, with qualified instructors who motivate the participants in this experience of complete workout which involves, entertains, gives great results.

Blaze for everyone. Run, then do the weights, jump and go to crunches: one lap after another the adrenaline increases and the needle of the scales goes down. Is called Blaze, blaze, training launched in David Lloyd Clubs. A high intensity path that combines in a balanced way aerobic activities, strength exercises,movements ofboxing and martial arts . The combination on the one hand determines the use of body fat as fuel, on the other hand it strengthens the muscles without inflating them. Thus the basal metabolic rate increases, the body consumes more calories, they improve strength, coordination, balance, functionality of the cardio-circulatory system. You work with Blaze specific equipment. Participants in the class wear a heart rate monitor to monitor movements. Three stations along the route: running on the treadmill, exercises with weights, finally combat sports. We must resist three minutes in each station in a crescendo of intensity, for three laps. The passing times from one station to another they are dictated by music and lights. The individual effort level is projected on a screen connected to the individual heart rate bands. At the end of the lesson, everyone achieved the required results.

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Punch every hour. Want a fun way to punch stress? Trial Punch the original Virgin Active workout. It unites boxing techniques packed, exercises of interval training, musica so as to create an effective functional boxing. Rhythm is the novelty: combinations are created on a precise basis. So while you shoot bag hooks and uprights, the rhythm increases, the heartbeats go up and down continuously, the metabolism works harder, fat and calories are burned. The lesson lasts one hour and is done in groups, from 16 to a maximum of 20 people. Password alternation between boxing and exercises with small new generation tools such as medicine balls, TRX, kettlebell. While half of the participants he trains the bag, the other half plays a functional work. Target? Train the whole body. The intensity of the lesson is always high: squat e jump urge legs and buttocks that are defined, intense movements of the arms they help streamline and tone the entire upper part. The abdominals they are constantly stressed, even in the bag because they are involved in maintaining correct posture. The exchange of phases fast and slow, the ever-changing movements stimulate the muscles and promote general well-being. Without forgetting that, in a group, motivation grows.

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