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Gynecological cancers, you can play in advance

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Gynecological cancers, you can play in advance

“Did you just receive a diagnosis of confirmed or suspected gynecological cancer? We are here to race against the clock with you!” This is the objective of Together against time, the initiative promoted by the SC of Oncological Gynecology of the National Cancer Institute of Milan which until Friday 10 February 2023 will make it possible to book an oncological gynecological visit at the facility and to carry it out within 3 business days. In fact, when it comes to gynecological cancers, time is a key factor: the sooner we intervene, the better the chances of survival and, in some cases, even of recovery: the new diagnoses for cancers of the endometrium, ovary, cervix, vulva and vagina are a total of about 18,000 each year.

“The initiative aims to guarantee visits and consultations quickly to patients affected by tumors of the female genital sphere” – comments Francesco Raspagliesi, Director of the Gynecological Oncology Unit of the INT. “The Institute’s specialists will guarantee evaluations within three working days: time is a determining factor in oncology, due to the impact it has on both the clinical and psychological aspects”. For two weeks, from 30 January to 10 February 2023, it will be possible to quickly carry out an oncological gynecological visit at our Gynecological Oncology Facility. The booking procedure for these visits will be timely and easy: anyone wishing to make one can call 02-23902507 or 02-23903470 from Wednesday 25 January to Friday 10 February and will receive an appointment within 3 working days of the request. The reservation will be in agreement with the National Health Service, upon presentation of the referral from the attending physician.

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“Attention to the patient is a cornerstone of our Institute’s mission, which has the objective of always guaranteeing the best therapies available in the oncological field, as well as the possibility of participating in clinical studies and in the search for new treatment opportunities for who has an oncological diagnosis” – intervenes Carlo Nicora, Director General of the National Cancer Institute of Milan. “The Together Against Time initiative is fully part of INT’s global approach to oncological disease, which starts first of all from the need to take a clear and correct preventive action”.

Research is making great strides and today there are therapies available that change the quality of life of patients even in those cases that until recently were considered to have an ominous fate. However, it remains essential to rely on a specialist center where there is experience in the management of this type of tumour. The Oncological Gynecology Structure of the National Cancer Institute of Milan is a department of excellence for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological tumors and stands out for its dedication and cutting-edge
treatments for this specific category of tumours. “Scientific research and technological innovation are integral parts of a holistic management of the patient, who is placed at the center of the path of diagnosis and treatment” – concludes Raspagliesi. “For this reason, the Institute wants to guarantee patients an increasingly high quality of care in the shortest possible time”.

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