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“.Hack” finally Chinese culture, the series collection will be released on Switch next March | 4Gamers

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Taiwan’s Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today (3) that the Nintendo Switch “.hack// GU Last Recode” will be released on March 10, 2022, simultaneously releasing original comics and limited edition content.

“.Hack// GU Last Recode” fully includes the huge content of “.hack//GU” from vol.1 to vol.4, and it is also the first Chinese culture in the series. Players can enjoy the revenge drama and growth trajectory of “Haseo” in the virtual world “The World R:2″. The content of this Switch version of the game is the same as other versions of “.hack//GU Last Recode” released in 2017.

The stage of this work is in 2017, the world‘s largest MMORPG “The World R: 2″. This is supposed to be a virtual world with unacquainted partners and happy adventures awaiting players. However, under the domineering PK, countless guild disturbances, and the weird phenomenon that even game developers have no clue… The “world” has begun to become an uncontrollable zone beyond the control of system administrators.


In this chaotic game, there is a frightening youth. People call him “the horror of death” and his name is “Haseo”. Haseo, who hunted PK indiscriminately, had a purpose. That is to find out the PK “Three Claw Mark” who is a mystery and PK her beloved partner “Shino” with a mysterious power outside the specification, which caused her to fall into a coma in real life, and take revenge on him.

Who is the “Three Claw Mark”? Why does death in the game also affect the real world? The relationship between Haseo and “The World” and other truths are waiting for players to explore.

The limited edition includes the following products

  • Game software: A collection of the four parts of Vol.1~Vol.4 at one time
  • Newly drawn Japanese original manga “.hack//GU Begins” + data set: condensed and continued to the original manga and this work of the GU trilogy story “.hack//SIGN”, “.hack” and “.hack//Roots” A collection of background materials for character settings and art settings, including 188 pages of rich content.
  • The original soundtrack “The Best of GU”: The content is not only the game series, but also GU-related “.hack// GU Last Recode” that includes all GU-related animations will be released on March 10, 2022 in a simultaneous public limited edition and original comics and animation music. Etc., a CD containing the original soundtrack of 15 classic GU music.
  • Special BOX: A special BOX that can store limited edition items and is painted with CG.


In addition, the original comics “.hack//GU Begins” will be released on the official website one after another, so that players who have never been in the “.hack” series can also enjoy the fun of “Last Recode”, condensed and continued to the game’s trilogy story. ‘S original comics will be released on the official website one after another. “.Hack//GU Begins” is a new manga centered on Ryo Misaki, condensed into the GU trilogy story “.hack//SIGN”, “.hack”, and “.hack// Roots”.

“.Hack// GU Last Recode” will be released in Traditional Chinese on Nitendo Switch on March 10, 2022. Please note that there is no Traditional Chinese version available on other platforms (such as the Steam and PS4 versions that are already on the shelves).


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