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hail and lightning. Underpasses flooded

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hail and lightning.  Underpasses flooded

Florence, 12 May 2023 – The weather alert had announced possible severe thunderstorms and indeed at lunchtime a very strong storm cell arrived over the area of ​​Florence, Prato and Pistoia, a water bomb (VIDEO): in a quarter of an hour 15 millimeters of rain (ie 15 liters of water per square meter of land), 400 lightning and hail to whiten the streets. According to data from the regional CFR, the millimeters of rain rose to 35 in less than an hour. Underpass in via Lanzi allo Statuto flooded: on site i fire fighters with the core of divers because two vans were submerged in water in the railway underpass. Luckily there are no people involved.


Numerous flooded roads, great inconvenience for traffic so much so that 4390 Taxi Firenze had to write a post on social networks to “apologize to customers for the traffic” which also blocks taxis. The T1 line of the tramway was also stopped due to bad weather. Numerous interventions by the firefighters for flooded basements and houses, especially in the central and southern Florence area.


Hail in Piazza Savonarola

Mayor Dario Nardella wrote on social media: “In one hour, the Florence-University survey station recorded 19.8 millimeters of rain (the consolidated figure is actually much higher, between 38 and 40 mm between the University and the Botanical Garden according to the Cfr data of the Tuscany Region, ed). We appeal to pedestrians and drivers of vehicles to pay close attention. ” It is, he adds, a” one water bomb. We carefully and constantly follow the developments in connection with the civil protection of the Municipality, the Fire Brigade and the municipal police. Avoid transits from underpasses and pay close attention to the outside”.

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Meanwhile, the regional operations room has extended the alert to Saturday but only for the south coast and the islands.

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