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Hair and Skin Supplement: Rose Villain’s Natural Choice – A Look at Ringana’s Beauty & Hair Supplement

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Hair and Skin Supplement: Rose Villain’s Natural Choice – A Look at Ringana’s Beauty & Hair Supplement

Ringana hair and skin supplement, Rose Villain’s natural choice

In the video “In the Beauty Bag” recently published on Vogue Italia’s Instagram channel, singer Rose Villain reveals the contents of her beauty bag, showing a perhaps unexpected first object.

Between mascara and lipsticks, Rose Villain’s beauty case cannot be without a hair supplement, which she takes in particular to provide nourishment to her bleached and blue-dyed hair. Specifically, it concerns the supplement Ringana Beauty & Hair formulated to care for hair, skin and nails.

How does the Ringana hair supplement work?

Ringana hair, skin, and nail supplement “Beauty & Hair” is part of the range of natural supplements high-quality products by Ringana. Among the ingredients present in its formulation, we find:

– Hyaluronic acid – provides hydration and helps counteract the signs of skin aging
– Wheat lipid extract – improves skin elasticity
– Ajuga reptans cell culture extract and apple fruit extract – makes hair thicker
– SOD obtained from melon extract – acts on skin impurities
– Zinc from buckwheat – keeps the structure of skin, hair, and nails healthy
– Manganese and buckwheat sprouts – contribute to the formation of connective tissues
– Buckwheat sprouts copper – helps preserve connective tissues
– Vitamin C from acerola fruit extract – contributes to the formation of collagen

Taking the Ringana supplement is recommended in case of thin hair, brittle, dull, which tend to break easily, as well as in the case of impure skin and brittle nails. The causes must be sought in both endogenous and exogenous factors: from a hectic lifestyle to an unbalanced diet, to hair bleaching or other aggressive treatments, as well as the environmental pollution of the cities in which we live.

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Hair supplements can be taken at any time of the year, but it is particularly advisable to do so during seasonal changes, because it is at this time that the hair can become more fragile.

Having them always with you, as is Rose Villain’s habit, is certainly the best way to never forget to take them every day.

Together with the Beauty & Hair supplement, the hair range is completed with two dedicated products:

– Fresh Shampoo – gently cleanses thanks to sugar surfactants, respecting the scalp’s microbiome.
– Fresh Hair Treatment – has a 4in1 action, which makes it usable both on wet hair as a conditioner, on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner after shampooing, on wet hair as a mask to leave on the scalp and lengths, and on dry hair in small amounts, quantity as leave-in.

Ringana, a leading company in natural cosmetics

Ringana is an Austrian company focused on sustainability, on respect for nature, and on the use of natural ingredients inside fresh cosmetics, i.e. products with pure active ingredients, without preservatives, with a clear and relatively short expiry date (6 months).

3 reasons why Ringana is among the most virtuous companies in the beauty industry:

– The Re-Think program – it is the sustainability program on which the brand is based and which sees it act actively driven by social responsibility, reducing plastic, using eco-packaging, giving a second life to glass bottles, saving water, offsetting its own footprint CO2, using a huge photovoltaic system, and investing daily energy to find new solutions that make production increasingly sustainable.
– Fresh cosmetics – the product formulations contain only pure plant active ingredients, without preservatives and fragrances. This makes them 100% concentrated products, which aim to specifically satisfy customer needs.
– Transparency – to be virtuous you must not hide anything from others. Ringana is based on transparency at every stage of production, from the formulation of the cream to the most innovative scientific discovery in the field of sustainability, which is shared, so that other companies – and society – can also benefit from it.

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Rose Villain’s choice of the Ringana hair supplement highlights its effectiveness and showcases the brand’s commitment to providing natural and sustainable solutions for hair and skin care. With its range of high-quality products and dedication to transparency and sustainability, Ringana has established itself as a leading company in the beauty industry.

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