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“Halo Infinite” campaign mode evaluation: a semi-open map full of surprises

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Halo Infinite

The most exclusive Xbox masterpiece that will be launched earlier this month, the multiplayer mode of “Halo Infinite” (The Last Battle: Infinite) produced by 343 Industries has been released for free one month before the release, and its official version has also been released recently. In addition to the Xbox series of home consoles, players can also purchase and play with the Xbox app or the Microsoft Store on a personal computer equipped with Windows 10. The last episode of “Halo 5 Guardians” (The Last Battle 5: The Guardians) is already a 2015 work, and it has appeared again for six consecutive years. In addition to the continuous improvement of the picture quality, the single-player campaign mode has also evolved smoothly, and its open map And field exploration is a surprising improvement, adding a lot of freshness, and it is definitely worth a try for fans.

Halo Infinite

Atriox is the leader of the “Exiles” and the strongest enemy who defeated the Master Chief at the beginning of the story.

The plot of the “Halo” series is actually quite substantial, especially after the heroic sacrifice of the artificial intelligence “Cortana” with the Master Chief (Master Chief) in the fourth episode, the fifth episode turned into a villain. It is also worth recalling. The story of “Halo Infinite” takes place after the fifth episode. At the beginning, players will see the master master in the dilemma of “defeated and exiled in the void”. Fortunately, he was saved by his teammate pilot and returned to the battlefield. Unfortunately, It is learned that the humans in “Zeta Halo” have also been defeated, and even the UNSC (United Nation Space Command) organization no longer exists. The Sergeant Chief was unwilling to give up and decided to return to Zeta Halo with the biggest goal of driving out the enemy “The Banished”.

Halo Infinite

After the defeat of mankind, only the pilot E216 remained on the battlefield, and the master chief who was saved by him.

“Exiles” is actually the military organization of “The Covenant”, the most powerful alien creature enemy in the “Halo” series. Since the defeat of “The Covenant”, the remaining soldiers scattered around have gathered to become “Exiles.” It is to inherit “The Covenant” and destroy human beings and become the overlord. The current leader of “Exiles” is Atriox, and he also appeared in the prologue of this game and defeated the master chief’s “strongest enemy”.

Halo Infinite

After successfully occupying the enemy’s stronghold, the surrounding collectible items will also be displayed.

To put it simply, the main goal of the Master Chief in this episode is to “counterattack”: to expel and defeat the “exiles” on Zeta Halo, and to save the human army and super fighters (Spartan) imprisoned on the planet. Compared with the one-to-one gameplay in the previous campaign mode, this episode uses an open world map. Players can come and go freely in a huge territory, and decide the time for “story mission” or “side mission” by themselves. Side missions include saving army squads in the wild, occupying enemy bases and fortresses, and killing enemy generals.

Halo Infinite

Enemy bases can often find these versions of imprisoned human soldiers, as long as they break the yellow device in the center, they can be released and let them join the battle.

Due to the short play time of the author, it is temporarily unknown whether there are other planets to explore outside the first board. However, as seen from the first board, the enemy has more than ten front-line bases and fortresses, and it is difficult to occupy and attack. Not low. “Rescue the army squad in the wild” is the simplest task. After reaching the target location, helping the army to wipe out the enemy is completed; “Occupying the enemy’s frontline base” is of medium difficulty and requires sneaking into the enemy’s barracks. After all the enemies are destroyed, the terminal device is activated. It is considered a success. On the way, the sergeant may find the imprisoned human soldiers, who need to break the shackles to release them, and the soldiers will automatically look for weapons and assist the sergeant in battle. “Occupy the fortress” is an enhanced version of the frontline base. You need to capture and destroy multiple devices to succeed, and you will encounter a powerful middle boss to block your way.

Halo Infinite

The initial vehicle can only carry an extra soldier, but as the story progresses and more vehicles are unlocked, the passenger capacity will increase. In addition, many different types of new cars can be found in the wild.

Another one to be introduced is the “kill the enemy general” mission. Enemy generals usually have some special weapons. Once they are successfully annihilated, they can obtain a production map of the weapon, which can be produced and obtained free of charge in our military camp in the future. After successfully occupying the enemy barracks, I can easily produce weapons and vehicles in the barracks, and let the soldiers in the camp get on the vehicles and transport them to the next enemy camp that I want to attack. Fun gameplay: If you find it too difficult to attack the enemy camp, you can use vehicles to carry soldiers to the target location to assist in the fight, but the “transportation” process on the way must pass through rugged mountain roads or encounter enemy ambushes. How to successfully transport soldiers Getting to the enemy camp is also very knowledgeable, and the whole process is quite interesting, especially when you are rushing down the hill and let the vehicle land on the ground in four rounds, the soldiers will shout “Good job, worthy of being a super soldier” and so on.

Halo Infinite

The story line of “Weapons” will be one of the main points of this game.

The open map is of course a major focus of this combat mode, and in the main mission, the master sergeant will encounter the same appearance as the “Cortana”, but claims to have successfully eliminated the former’s artificial intelligence “weapon” (The Weapon). In addition, the Master Sergeant will revisit various things about “Cortana” and the plot of “Pioneer” during the course of the story. Developer 343 Industries claims that players can regard “Halo Infinite” as a “rebirth” work, and welcomes those who are new to “Halo” to join, but in terms of details, there are still quite a few things worthy of series supporters. taste.

Halo Infinite

In the main mission, the master sergeant will encounter some very powerful enemies. If they succeed in destroying them, they will be able to obtain the “powerful weapons” in their hands.

Of course, in addition to the single-player campaign mode of “Halo Infinite”, the most popular multiplayer online mode is quite substantial. In addition to purchasing at the Microsoft Store, you can also consider purchasing the physical disc version or the “download version redemption code”, both of which will provide additional weapon download redemption codes. “Halo Infinite” was officially launched on December 8, and can be played on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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