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Hamas, 104 dead in Israeli attack on people in line

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The death toll for Palestinians killed by Israeli forces while waiting for food aid in Gaza has risen to 104, the Gaza Health Ministry said, adding that at least 760 Palestinians were injured.

Hamas had initially reported that more than 70 Palestinians had been killed and 250 wounded in an Israeli attack on people waiting for food aid near al-Rashid Street, south of Gaza City this morning. The dead and wounded were taken to al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza.

Hamas has warned that shooting at Palestinians queuing for aid in Gaza could lead to the failure of truce and hostage talks. “The negotiations conducted by the movement’s leadership are not an open process at the expense of the blood of our people,” reads the statement, which Reuters reports on its website, which states that Israel would be responsible for any failure of the talks.

“During the entry of aid trucks into northern Gaza, residents surrounded the trucks”, whose transit Israeli soldiers were ensuring, and “looted the supplies”. The military spokesman said so. “In the accident – says the army – dozens of people were trampled in the crowd”. Military sources report that the soldiers “fired at those who had surrounded the trucks” and that the crowd “crowded in such a way as to pose a threat to the troops”.

Meanwhile, Hamas leader in Gaza Yaya Sinwar appears again with a message delivered earlier this month by a courier to a meeting of the Hamas leadership in exile in Doha, reassuring that Israeli attacks were not eliminating all the fighters . “Don’t worry, we have the Israelis right where we want them,” says Sinwar as reported by the Wall Street Journal, adding that the Hamas leader in Gaza explained that the Al-Qassam Brigades were doing well. According to WSJ sources, Sinwar added that a high number of civilian casualties increased global pressure on Israel to stop the war.

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Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar intended to wage the war from a fortified underground base called ‘Room 6’, equipped “for extended stays with military personnel and communication lines”. This was made known by Israeli military intelligence sources, quoted by the media, according to which, under the progressive pressure of the army in the Strip and in Khan Yunis, Sinwar left that base taken by the IDF and is now moving “from one place to another”. other”. It is possible – they explained – that he is already, or is preparing to arrive, in “another underground facility in Rafah”. “The distance between us and him – the sources added – will be reduced due to a possible mistake on his part and we must be there or nearby to recognize him”.

A night of ‘Israeli hell’ was experienced by civilians in southern Lebanon, heavily targeted by Israeli air raids according to Beirut media reports. In addition to the ‘rain of bombs’ that rained down on the towns of Kafra and Siddqin, where two elderly people were killed, the media reported that “an Israeli drone launched a missile in the same area to prevent relief efforts from reaching the previously hit location in Siddqin” “Immediately afterwards – continues the story of Lebanese media correspondents in southern Lebanon – the Israeli artillery shelled the areas near Hula again”, in the eastern sector of the demarcation line with Israel, “where 40 shells fell before rockets were launched from Lebanon in the direction of Israeli positions”. At the beginning of the evening, according to the sources, “Israeli artillery shells targeted Hula, Taybe and Mays al Jabal”.

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Joe Biden’s administration is concerned that Israel is making preparations for ground operations in Lebanon in late spring or early summer. This was reported by CNN, reported by the Israeli media, explaining that the eventuality would arise if diplomatic negotiations to force Hezbollah to withdraw from the border with Israel were to fail, as required by UN Resolution 1701. Israel – after the continuous firing of rockets from Lebanon which began on 8 October – has repeatedly denounced the situation.

Hamas’ health ministry announced that the death toll in the Gaza Strip is “over 30,000” since the conflict with Israel began on October 7. At least 79 people were killed last night alone in Israeli attacks.

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