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hard to find it in 5 seconds

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hard to find it in 5 seconds

Visual test, did you spot the bird in the picture? This quiz is not for everyone. According to statistics, only 1% can solve the challenge. If you can do it in 5 seconds, you are truly a genius.

Visual test: find the bird – Nanopress.it

This new visual test that we offer you is really complicated: only those who are super attentive and with an eye for water can find the little bird in the picture. Have you located it? You have 5 seconds left.

Visual tests for brain health

Scholars, experts and health figures specializing in the study of the brain such as neurologists agree on one thing: visual tests are a great tool to keep the brain trained.

Example of visual test – Nanopress.it

Through optical illusion games or just number puzzles, your mind is stimulated daily to look for details and to sharpen visual functions and concentration which could drastically decrease over the years.

I logic games, intelligence tests or visual quizzesas we want to call them, they allow your mind to stay trained and to arrive at a mature age with an always super active and extremely concentrated brain.

Tests of this kind represent just one great medicine for brain health. Train daily to protect the health of one of the most important organs in your body.

Il visual test that we propose to you today is really complicated, only very few are able to solve it. You are faced with an image that may seem chaotic at first glance: we tell you that in the photo a little bird is hiding. You have 5 seconds to find it.

Why do optical games trick the brain?

If that’s true visual tests, number puzzles and optical illusion games they are excellent tools to train the brainit is also true that through them our mind undergoes the so-called “perceptive deception”.

Mind games to train the brain – Nanopress.it

Scholars and neurologists have always confirmed this: reality is perceived differently by each person. Everyone’s brain picks out details or focuses on things that may escape another person’s attention.

For what reason does this occur? There is an answer and it is also simple: because the perception of a reality or of a dimension is entirely subjective. Our brain is induced, thanks also to the help of our eyes, to focus on some details rather than others.

But if you train daily, you will be able to sharpen and develop more and more your visual functions allowing your mind to keep fit, which is excellent especially as you age.

So what do you need to do to keep your brain healthy? You should, according to neurologists, train daily with visual tests or optical illusion games. For example, take into consideration what we are proposing to you today: it is one of the most difficult to carry out. According to statistics, only 1% manage to solve the quiz. Are you among the brainiacs?

Bird Text: The Solution

I optical illusion games they help our mind stay trained but they also stimulate our curiosity and tickle our competitive spirit. Are you able to solve the quiz we offer you today?

Look carefully at the image that we have attached to you just above and concentrate: you have it five seconds available to locate the bird in the photo. According to statistics, only 1% of Internet users manage to solve this test. Are you among the lucky ones?

We know it’s really complicated and so we want to give you an important hint: check carefully between the rocks that you find yourself right in front of your eyes. If you managed to spot the bird by yourself, it means that you really are a genius and deserve 100 minutes of applause for your eagle eye.

If, on the other hand, you are still looking for the bird, we will provide you with the solution. you can see the little bird in the lower part of the image, in the right corner. Don’t be discouraged if you had a hard time solving this quiz, with time and a little practice you will become very good too.

Bird test, the solution – Nanopress.it

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