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Harry, I have material for another book especially on William – Mondo

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Harry, I have material for another book especially on William – Mondo

The revelations contained in the autobiography entitled ‘Spare’, however embarrassing for the rest of the royal family, represent only a fraction of what the principe Harry he could have told. He says it himself, according to a last interview granted this time to Byrony Gordon, signature of the Daily Telegraph: the first to a British newspaper – and already paginated in the opening for tomorrow’s edition – after the book’s release on Tuesday.

In the interview, the Duke of Sussex states that the volume was originally “double” in length and that sufficient material was excluded from the final revision to create “another book”, in theory. He then explains that the deleted details concern in particular his relationships, before and after his marriage to Meghan, with his father Charles, who succeeded Queen Elizabeth on the throne as King Charles III last September, and above all with his older brother William, heir to the crown.

The final version of ‘Spare’ Does Not Contain Revelations ‘My Father and Brother Would Never Forgive’ for Disclosurecontinues Harry. As if to claim that he did not want to cross the red line in breaking with family members, after the traumatic tear from the Windsor house that resulted in his transfer to the USA three years ago. But also as if to suggest that they can do it: at least in fear of anonymous sources inside Buckingham Palace, evoked by the same newspaper, according to which the rebel duke and his wife Meghan could still be pushed in the future to publish other volumes, for financial reasons .

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Stories have been cut from the autobiography whose story “I don’t think they would have ever forgiven me”, the Duke of Sussex openly says referring to Charles and William. “The first version (in English) – he insists – was different. It was 800 pages and has been reduced to 400. There could have been two books, if we want to put it that way; and the hardest part was deciding what to exclude”. Then, pressed upon these censored passages, he replies: “There are things, especially between my brother and me, and to a lesser extent between my father and me, that I don’t want known to the world“. As for the accusations of undermining the monarchy with his own recriminations, the Duke of Sussex flatly denies any destructive intent: claiming that he does not want to cause “the collapse” of the Windsors, if anything that he wants to push the royal family to assume “the responsibility” to reform, also to protect William’s children not destined for the throne. Children with whom – he admits – his older brother had told him “very clearly” it was not his business to deal with.

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