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Have you eaten moldy food by mistake? Here’s what will happen to you now

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Have you eaten moldy food by mistake?  Here’s what will happen to you now

Have you eaten moldy food by mistake? If you are wondering what will happen to you now, here is what you should know.

It is not uncommon for the food we store to become moldy. Food in contact with heat and humidity easily deteriorates. If you have not noticed the presence of mold e you ate moldy food this could happen to you.

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Have you eaten moldy food and are you worried? In fact you are not all wrong, some molds produce mycotoxinsthat is to say toxins that pose a danger to our health, but beware however, not all molds are dangerous.

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What are the risks of eating moldy foods?

The green and white spots you notice on your foods, such as cheese, are mold and mildew stains mold is caused by filamentous microscopic fungi. Food that is in a hot, humid environment molds first, but our refrigerated foods can also develop mold. Often we tend to think that mold only creates digestive problems, for example food poisoning, but is this really the case?

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The mold is a fungus which reproduces in nature on wood but can also infest mattresses, food and even clothes and building materials. These mushrooms produce spore with high multiplication power, especially in hot humid environments. There are hundreds of thousands of fungi species, which is why some molds appear different from others in shape and color. You may have noticed that the mold that appears on bread looks totally different from the mold that appears on fruit and vegetables. Our food can be safely contaminated with bacteria and yet it is impossible to see them if you do not have a microscope, mold is visible to the naked eye, moreover it has the power to transfer from one food to another contaminating them.

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Many people throw away food as soon as they see some mold stains while others tend to consume it to avoid food waste by removing only the moldy part, this often happens in the case of cheeses. Are you wondering if it is better to throw or keep? To understand this, one would need to be able to dinstinct between the various types of mold which are good and which are harmful. There are also molds that are good for health, just think that thereto penicillin which is an antibiotic derives from a fungus mildew-like yet it is curative.

However, since it is difficult to distinguish and there is the possibility of having one of the molds that produce mycotoxins harmful to health on our food, such as the mold produced by the aspergillus species, better to ensure health and throw away contaminated food.

It should also be remembered that some people develop mold allergy which manifests itself by exposing itself to any type of mold, these allergic reactions also occur following inhalation, not only following ingestion.

If you want to prevent your food from spoiling quickly and moldy, store it in one place cool and breezy, Make sure this food is not in contact with water and possibly clean the mold-contaminated surfaces with baking soda and white vinegar before storing other food.

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