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He eats cheese and becomes blind at age 4 due to a bacterium in milk – Il Tempo

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At the age of 4 he became blind and quadriplegic from eating cheese made with raw milk contaminated with a rare strain of Escherichia coli which would have caused him a very serious form of hemolytic uremic syndrome. So says the prosecutor of Trento, Maria Colpani, in the light of the investigations of the carabinieri of the Nas and of the appraisals of the civil party produced by the lawyer Paolo Chiariello who represents the child’s family. The investigating judge Claudia Miori, rejecting the request for filing made by the defenders of the dairy that produced the dairy product and the three doctors who would not have immediately recognized and adequately treated the syndrome, ordered that the Prosecutor still has 5 months to investigate the case. Therefore, the then president of the dairy and the cheesemaker remain enrolled in the register of suspects, under investigation for very serious personal injuries and administration of food substances harmful to health, a doctor from a valley hospital who first visited the child and two other doctors of the Santa Chiara di Trento, respectively for refusal of official acts and very serious personal injuries in the health sector.

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«The little one had the first symptoms 24 hours after taking the cheese – the lawyer Chiariello tells LaPresse -. The reports that we have filed directly correlate the onset of the syndrome with the ingestion of the product which, collected and analyzed, shows the contamination of a particular toxin from Escherichia coli. This is what the Nas carabinieri and our consultants say: Professor Silvia Bonardi, professor of inspection of food of animal origin at the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Parma; Professor Lapo Mughini Gras, epidemiologist of the Center for Infectious Disease Control of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment of the Netherlands, and Dr. Alberto Edefonti former director of the complex operational unit of nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplant pediatric hospital of the Maggiore Policlinico hospital in Milan ».

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