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He invests his wife and friend (who dies), then gives himself up and rejoices: “He deserved it”

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breaking latest news – What initially looked like a dramatic road accident with one victim and one injured admitted to hospital, it’s actually an even more chilling episode.

A 52-year-old man, Pietro Nasca, in the industrial area of ​​Catania, has voluntarily hit his wife and a friend of the woman with his own car, killing the latter. The perpetrator of the act called the police, who never believed in the hypothesis of a simple accident, to surrender and confess.

His wife, who is 56 years old, is hospitalized in the San Marco hospital. The victim is a friend of the 59-year-old woman, originally from Ennese. She investigates the mobile team coordinated by the District Attorney of Catania.

From what is learned in investigative circles, Nasca’s target would have been his wife’s friend, Cetty De Bormida, in his opinion ‘guilty’ of having tried to convince her to leave him.

The man was on trial for violence against his wife who in the past had also reported him for crimes against property. In 2018 he had also been subjected to a warning by the commissioner, subsequently the woman had reconnected with her husband.

Man cheers for death,”He deserved it”

Against Nasca, the prosecutor of Catania Valentina Botti, with the coordination of the assistant prosecutor Marisa Scavo, has issued a detention suspected of crime for murder and attempted murder.

At the police station, the man asked for news of his wife, if she were dead. When the officers told him of the death of his wife’s friend, he has manifested all his happiness saying it deserved the end he did because he had gotten in the way in the relationship with his wife and had convinced her to leave him.

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Husband and wife went to the clinic in the industrial area this morning: on leaving Anna Longo told her husband that their relationship was over and that she would never go home. So Nasca hit his wife and her friend twice with her car, an Opel Meriva.

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