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He kills his mother and commits suicide, the murder weapon is a gym dumbbell

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He kills his mother and commits suicide, the murder weapon is a gym dumbbell

What happened within the walls of that old yellowish house will perhaps never be known. The harsh reality of the facts only reports how Antonio Belli, 58, originally from the province of Siena, moved to Strona for just over three years, killed his mother Elsa Antonini, 80, widow, massacring her with a gym dumbbell, for then take the car, go to the Pistolesa bridge and throw yourself below. A dynamic so clear, and supported by the preliminary examination by the coroner, that the prosecutor Teresa Angela Camelio, who acquired the file and coordinates the investigations entrusted to the investigative nucleus of the carabinieri and to the operational unit of the Cossato company, did not request the autopsy. “I do not think it is necessary to further torture the body of that poor woman – she explains. The investigative evidence is very clear, as is the dynamics of the tragedy ».

Before throwing himself into the void, Belli put his wallet with 1,100 euros inside, his mobile phone and glasses on the passenger seat, he did not leave a farewell message either on the Fiat Punto or at home. Perhaps also because he would not have known who to address it to. In fact, it immediately emerged that that small family unit, consisting of only two people, was closed in its own world. The woman’s husband had already passed away when mother and son, for reasons that, once again, will probably never be clarified, decide to move from a town in the province of Siena to the Boero di Strona hamlet. They buy a large old house, a little to renovate, but not isolated but in the middle of another group of houses. However, contacts with neighbors are less than sporadic. Elsa Antonini was of robust build bordering on obesity, and she apparently suffered from depression. She never went out, she didn’t see anyone, her contact with her world was only her son who, unemployed, celibate, spent most of his time at home. A part of the rest of her instead spent between visits. She asked the ASL in large quantities, convinced that she was suffering from an incurable disease which, however, no one was able to diagnose. However, he did not resign himself. Meanwhile he too was under treatment for problems related to the difficulty of living. He therefore took a large amount of drugs.

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Scraps of time then passed between a few walks and household chores, in three years he would not have formed not so much a friendship but not even a superficial acquaintance even with those who lived a few meters away. Solitary but always gentle, quiet. Over the years there have never been screams or screams from that house.

A life of two that seems an obsession, always alone, to deal with real or presumed diseases, to look into each other’s eyes, until something started the massacre.

The carabinieri will now try to dig into those two lives so linked, in order to at least hypothesize what happened yesterday morning when for the first time someone would have heard them arguing. Then the blows, one to many, perhaps not even in anger but not to leave the only companion of a lifetime alone when one has already decided to end it.

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