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“He made commercials with Calippo”

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“He made commercials with Calippo”

Unexpected unscheduled Saturday afternoon at Milano on the sidelines of the event rainbow families against the stop imposed on the Municipality to register the children of same-parent couples. Among the many people present in Piazza della Scala there was also Francesca Pascaleex-girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi and activist for LGBT rights, who was the protagonist of a heated spat with the journalist and blogger Peter Rich.

Clash between Francesca Pascale and Piero Ricca in Milan

Known for his quarrels with politicians and show business personalities during rallies and demonstrations, Piero Ricca harshly contested Francesca Pascale in front of reporters and television cameras, attacking her for her past and the bond with Silvio Berlusconi.

“But she was already a lesbian when she lived with Berlusconi?” he asked her. Pascale, today Paola Turci’s partner, replied: “Don’t tell me she is a lesbian as if she were an insult because she is not”.

The blogger insisted on her past with Berlusconi asking her if “she felt a certain machismo when he was with Berlusconi and he went to whores”. “If you have something to say to Berlusconi, go tell him directly,” replied the annoyed woman.

He provokes her about Berlusconi and the commercial with the calippo

“I already told her twenty years ago, when she he did commercials with calippo in Naples”, replied the blogger continuing to provoke Pascale. “What was I doing? I was 14 and it was a children’s show,” the woman replied.

“Don’t address me with this perverse and macho attitude“, said the woman, pushing Ricca away from herself. “Don’t lay your hands on me”, Ricca replied. “Go away, your breath already says it all”, concluded Francesca Pascale, moving away from her.

The demonstration of the rainbow families takes place in the square in Milan

Pascale: “Salvini homophobic”

Speaking with reporters present in the square, Francesca Pascale then explained the reasons for her presence at the demonstration and what she thinks of the current politicians.

“I would like to say that Paola Turci is my wife, but she is not my wife, I am civilly united with her. Still, I don’t feel any different than a heterosexual couple,” Pascale said. “Why can’t she be, why doesn’t Salvini like her? I define Homophobic SalviniI define homophobic the sovereignists, the parties that go hand in hand with Orban, racist and crazy“, he added.

“Today all the people who are close, who think about civil rights can do nothing but vote Elly Schlein because there is no alternative,” he said. “I think all the good things about Elly Schlein”.

Pascale then added that she has faith in the figure of Giorgia Meloni: “I’ve never voted for Fratelli d’Italia, but I want to have faith in the woman she is”.

Photo source: ANSA

Rainbow families in the square in Milan, Elly Schlein also at the demonstration: “Ready for law in Parliament”
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