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Headache and abdominal pain are just two of the symptoms of high blood sugar: here are the others, causes and remedies

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Headache and abdominal pain are just two of the symptoms of high blood sugar: here are the others, causes and remedies

High blood sugar can damage your life: but if you know the symptoms you fight it in the bud and live peacefully.

The high blood sugar And one of the great enemies of health in Western society. We are often used to eating incorrectly and this important parameter of our body can easily go out of phase. Technically we talk about high blood sugar when the glucose present in the blood is above the normal range fasting and two hours after meals. The symptoms of high blood sugar are difficult to recognize by those who are not experts and in this article we will reveal many signs that can allow you to promptly identify this pathology and deal with it in advance.

Here are the early symptoms that can make you immediately discover high blood sugar and defend yourself – grantennistoscana.it

Addressing high blood sugar quickly may cause it to cause less damage to your body. Briefly we can say that the symptoms can range from constant thirst to the urge to urinate and from tiredness to difficulty concentrating, but we will list them analytically below. In 90% of cases this condition is due to type 2 diabetes but there are also other contexts that can cause hyperglycemia. The first fundamental screening to monitor the glucose level is done with a simple fasting blood sample.

Values ​​to monitor

In theory normal values ​​should be between 70 e 100 mg/dl. If you are within this range, you can rest assured, but if the value found is between 110 and 125 mg/dl it is necessary to check the glycated hemoglobin which means weighting the average blood sugar trend in the last two or three months. If the glycemia value is between 110 and 125 mg/dl and there is also a certain predisposition caused by familiarity, we usually proceed with an oral glucose load.

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It is essential to carefully monitor blood sugar levels to understand what type of pathology you have – grantennistoscana.it

This test is very important and revealing because it evaluates fasting blood sugar levels and two hours after oral intake of 75 grams of glucose. If, two hours after taking this considerable dose of glucose, the values ​​are high, the diagnosis can be made type 1 diabetes mellitus. On the other hand, the presence of an elevated fasting blood sugar together with a reduced tolerance to carbohydrates indicates a predisposition to develop diabetes.

Beware of these symptoms: they let you know in advance that something is wrong

But doctors especially recommend to keep an eye out for those symptoms which can be blood sugar detectors and that they can warn us in time that our body is betraying us. Symptoms are of two types: both physical and neurological. Among the physical symptoms we have a constant desire to drink and consequent increase in the need to urinate especially at night. We also have unwarranted weight loss, heachache, abdominal painsdry skin, recurring infections, difficulty healing, sexual dysfunction.

Fatigue and mood swings are among the symptoms of high blood sugar

Among the neurological symptoms instead we have tiredness, one marked difficulty maintaining concentration e mood alterations also important. When there is diabetes very often we also have a sudden drop in the quality of vision and blurred vision.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes: the differences

Il type 2 diabetes it is also called adult-onset diabetes and is a chronic but non-communicable disease. This pathology is related to a change in how insulin works in the body. Conversely, hyperglycemia is caused by the type 1 diabetes mellitus which is the so-called juvenile diabetes. This is a chronic autoimmune condition and it comes from an alteration of the immune system and in particular of the pancreas.

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There are various types of diabetes and also other causes for high blood sugar – grantennistoscana.it

In this case, the pancreas sees its natural ability to produce insulin compromised. In addition to diabetes, high blood sugar can also be caused by a wrong diet with excessive consumption of carbohydrates and a sedentary lifestyle. There is also the transient hyperglycemia which can follow the heart attack or infectious problems. There is also a secondary hyperglycemia which is the consequence of some pancreatic pathologies. In addition there is also fasting hyperglycemia and impaired carbohydrate tolerance.

How to fight high blood sugar

When you have high blood sugar it is very important to follow a balanced diet that is prescribed by a dietician. Refined carbohydrates should be avoided and meat consumption should be reduced. The sugary foods and alcohol should be carefully avoided.

A healthy diet and adequate physical activity counteract high blood sugar – grantennistoscana.it

In addition to regular physical activity and a diet monitored by a doctor, it is also important to drink a lot, constantly and periodic checks are just as useful. Generally for the whole population a blood glucose screening is useful at an early stage from 45 years old to catch any kind of pathology or dysfunction in the bud.

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