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health law let’s ask it together regulatory guidance

Medicine bonuses, another important step in support of the lowest income brackets, which most of all are suffering from the terrible economic crisis that is gripping our country.

In the very wide panorama of bonuses created specifically to give some relief to the battered pockets of families with the lowest incomes, the one reserved for medicines is truly one of the most important and incisive from the point of view of social relevance.

Medicinal bonuses (Source: ilovetrading.it)

It is another important step. Another sign of closeness and sharing with those who, in this period, are paying the highest price for the crisis. The direction is the right one, the declared objective is to give a little serenity to the majority of the population.

Medicinal bonuses, where your heart takes you

This is not always the case, but if we think of the medicines to buy and take, we think of those that our parents used to take. How many times, recipe in hand, have we children gone to buy them for them. And in this moment of economic crisis, speaking of medicines, we think of older people, those who perhaps live alone and with a starvation pension. We think of them and those electricity and gas bills placed on top of the sideboard. Let’s think about those exorbitant costs for their pockets and try, without succeeding, to imagine their anguish. Because those bills are the biggest chunk of your monthly expenses. But you also need to eat, every day. And if, with age, health begins to act up and give us some worries, it also becomes necessary to buy some medicine.

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But if the cost of bills, groceries, medicines is higher than our availability, what can we do? It can get to the point of having to make choices and often, in these cases, it is health that loses out. Because many think that they certainly can’t run out of electricity and in the cold, much less not eat. There’s always time for medicines, maybe we’ll buy them next month. Nothing more wrong. Nothing more distressing. Who knows how many families or how many lonely elderly people are forced to do this type of reasoning. Count the little money available and choose two options out of three, out of three vital necessities. Whatever is left out is a drama that will have consequences. It is the stage that families and elderly people alone cannot and should not reach, as it could truly be the beginning of the end.

The Medicinal Bonus wants to avoid reaching that stage of desperation, which is why it is an initiative of immeasurable value. It really is a measure that starts from the heart to reach the people who need help the most right now.

300 very heavy euros

A bonus worth 300 euros for the purchase of medicines and food. It is a measure created to counter the devastating effects of expensive bills. As in similar cases, the ISEE will play a fundamental role in assessing who will be entitled to support. A measure strongly desired by the administration of Bridge in the Alpsin the province of Bellunoin Veneto.

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Good medicine
Medicinal bonuses (Source: ilovetrading.it)

They will be fine 51 the households that will receive the support. An investment that will reach a share of approx 20000 euro but which, as in this case, can never be defined as well spent. A small town that turns out to be a community, where those in difficulty are not left alone. The best example to follow.

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