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Health Services is the breakthrough app for Wear OS

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The announcement of Google of the partnership with Samsung to give life to the new platform of wear OS has revitalized the market for devices based on this platform, which should be enriched with several new models in the coming months.

The team of developers of the Mountain View giant, perhaps aware that this is the right opportunity to relaunch Wear OS and make it competitive with the competition’s solutions, has set to work to improve various aspects and among the news there is also “Health Services“, A component that works in the background and with which end users do not have to interact.

The Health Services app for Wear OS has landed on the Play Store

In the past few hours the Health Services app has been published on the Google Play Store, characterized by an icon with a green heart and heart rate, in order to highlight that it is a solution “Used to provide health and fitness features and metrics to apps”.

According to what is explained by the developers, this component has the task of providing applications with various basic functionalities, such as sensor management and training monitoring, as well as various metrics, such as heart rate, step count, calories, distance, etc.

In addition, Health Services helps applications improve battery performance and ensure users have consistent, higher quality health and fitness tracking.

Google specifies that wearable apps previously had to connect to one or more sensors, configure them appropriately, receive the data they provided, and then use their own algorithms to derive meaningful information. In practice, this new approach helps developers by providing them with a unique intermediary that allows them to have access to “Powerful algorithms run natively on the platform”while ensuring data consistency across apps.

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The Health Services app, which according to the description is dedicated to the next generation of Wear OS devices (but which also seems to be installed on current devices), can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:

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