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Health: Tonolo (Anmar), ‘key pharmacist role in early diagnosis of rheumatic diseases’

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Milan, May 27 (beraking latest news Health) – “Even the pharmacist can play a fundamental role in the early diagnosis of rheumatic diseases, because when the patient goes to the pharmacy driven by chronic pain, taking drugs such as anti-inflammatory or painkillers for months, it is appropriate to intervene and suggest a specialist “. Thus Silvia Tonolo, president of Anmar (National Association of Rheumatic Patients), spoke during the online meeting ‘The invisible pain’ dedicated to the needs of patients with ankylosing spondylitis and psoriatic arthritis, and to the frequent delays in the diagnosis of these diseases, organized by Anmar with the support of AbbVie.

“In this way – underlined Tonolo – the patient is held this pain which leads him to a certain degree of disability, which affects the body and psyche and before reaching the diagnosis they pass from 8 to 12 years: continue to take drugs , which perhaps are not even the right ones, serves to buffer the pain, but delays the real solution “.

“The pharmacist – concluded the president of Anmar – has the duty to suggest to the patient a visit to the general practitioner, who then, aligning certain symptoms (swollen finger, pain in the lower joints or spots attributable to psoriasis), would advise him the right specialist “.

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