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Healthcare after Covid and dreams in medicine – breaking latest news

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Healthcare after Covid and dreams in medicine – breaking latest news

Some of the 31 speeches that can be heard at the Medical Science Festival. It starts tomorrow, at 10.30, with the presentation by Fabio Roversi-Monaco and a greeting from the authorities. At 11 ‘Structural insights on the activation of G protein coupled receptors’ with the Nobel laureate, Brian Kobilka. At 2.30 pm How has the teaching of medicine changed and is changing, while at 5 pm we talk about ‘New medical-scientific strategies against diabetes’. Events also in the Aula Absidale: at 2.15 pm ‘The doctor and the algorithm. Artificial Intelligence in medicine ‘, at 4 pm the’ Metabolic syndrome: silent disease of well-being ‘will be analyzed and at 6 pm the’ New technologies in surgery ‘will be illustrated.

Friday, in the Aula Magna, at 11 ‘What organizational models in health care in the post-Covid era?’ with Paolo Bordon and Chiara Gibertoni. At 2.30 pm ‘Cognitive decline in the elderly: a neurobiological, clinical and social challenge’, while at 4 pm we discuss the ‘Guidelines in the middle of the ford: the tensions of medicine between tests, informed choices of the patient and medical responsibility. In the Aula Absidale: at 10 the liquid biopsy for the early diagnosis and staging of tumors is illustrated, while at 11.15 there is talk of ‘Technological evolution in orthopedics’ with Cesare Faldini and Alessandro Gasbarrini. At 2.30 pm it is explained how ‘Rewriting the human genome to cure diseases: expectations and strategies’ is explained, at 4 pm’ The new frontiers of pediatric cardiac surgery ‘, at 5.15 pm’ What dreams are and what they are for: they can have a meaning in medicine? ‘. In the Virtual Classroom: at 3.30 pm ‘Climate change and child health‘, at 5.45 pm ‘Research to defeat children’s cancers’.

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Saturday, in the Aula Magna, at 10 the big theme of how ‘Teaching to decide: how to use the evidence of the benefits and risks of treatments, at 12’ The impact of the Covid pandemic on mental health: epidemiological aspects and measures’. In the Aula Absidal at 10 there are the ‘New frontiers in Gynecology’ and at 12 the ‘Microbiota in health and disease’. In the Virtual Classroom: at 11 ‘The challenges of geriatrics in the post-Covid era’.

You can attend the presentations both in person, admission is free and through the live streaming on www.eventi.festivalscienzamedica.it, while the complete program of all the interventions to be held during the three days can be consulted on the website www .festivalscienzamedica.it

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