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Healthcare, Covid awards arrive for nurses: 175 gross per month more

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Healthcare, Covid awards arrive for nurses: 175 gross per month more

The technical comparison was not easy, and involved Aran and the State General Accounting Office for about three months. But in the end the go-ahead from the Ministry of Economy arrived, albeit with some observations that should in any case leave the pre-agreement reached with the trade unions in mid-June unchanged. And for the national health contract the way is paved towards the last passage in the council of ministers.

a long stall

Among the contractual renewals of the public service restarted by the Minister for Pa Renato Brunetta last year, that of Health is perhaps the most awaited. Because the audience of interested parties is large, 544 thousand people and therefore almost double that covered by the contract of the ministries; and above all it is made up of those who have faced the long pandemic emergency on the front line.

Precisely for this reason, the 2021 budget law of the Conte-2 government had provided for a premium for the 277 thousand nurses, the abundant half of the non-executive staff of the national health service, of which there was much talk. However, without immediately putting hand also to the acts of address for the contract renewal, essential to bring the incentive into the paycheck.

The increase

After the green light on at the Mef, the text now takes a decisive step towards the final goal. Between table increases, indemnities for the various professional figures and funds for the new regulations and the ancillary salary, the contract is worth almost 1.3 billion euros when fully operational, which translates into an average increase of 175 gross euros per month. In practice, this is a revaluation of 7.22%, equal to almost twice the inflation of the period covered by the contract and therefore also useful to counter at least in part the current rampage of prices.

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Above all, the additional items to the basic salary increase the account, starting precisely from the “nursing specificity allowance” designed to recognize the role played by nurses in times of pandemic. It is a stable increase in paychecks ranging from 62.81 euros paid to “operators” (the former BS area) to 72.79 euros for “health professionals and officials” (formerly D and Ds area). This allowance starts from January 1, 2021, and together with the increases in the table (between 54.5 and 98.1 euros per month depending on the economic position) therefore also feeds the amount of one-off arrears, which could arrive in December; and that in the case of nurses will oscillate between 3 thousand and 4,500 euros.

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