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Healthcare Leadership Development HEALTH ADHOC

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Healthcare Leadership Development  HEALTH ADHOC

Hamburg – Personality development also for executives – regular open seminars & in-house events

The compact training GmbH & Co. KG has been active as a personnel development service provider in the healthcare sector for many years and trains specialists, managers and trainees in clinics, hospitals and practices. Since this year, the Hamburg training provider has been offering a two-day in-depth seminar for executives and has thus met with great interest from the industry and has recorded high demand.

The development to become a leader – sovereign in all leadership situations

The executive seminar: Executive development compact focuses on the personality development of executives and managers. The leadership trainers teach the seminar guests important skills for confident leadership in different situations and for leading different teams and departments.

The compact training GmbH & Co. KG always works in a participant-centered and topic-oriented way based on the current challenges of the managers and enables a lot of exchange and space for the questions of the guests through small groups.

Online – presence – in-house

The management trainers are happy to come to the hospitals, clinics and practices for the relevant events and train entire groups of department heads on site.

For acute needs or individual cases, the compact training GmbH & Co. KG also offers open and cross-industry seminars in presence and online. The training provider covers all major cities in Germany and also manages to create a familiar atmosphere with a lot of exchange in the digital formats.

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