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Healthcare, tariff decree: agreement found (04/19/2023)

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Healthcare, tariff decree: agreement found (04/19/2023)

«Finally an agreement was reached in the State-Regions Conference. A result that we have been waiting for for years and for which we have fought, together with many citizens’ and patients’ organisations, to guarantee the entry into force of the general levels of assistance (Lea) of 2017, and the further updates foreseen, and the right to equal access to health services for citizens of each region”. To declare it Anna Lisa Mandorino, general secretary of Cittadinanzattiva who just six days ago had sent one distrust formal addressed to the Prime Minister, as well as the President of the Permanent State-Regions Conference and to all the Presidents of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, so that the Conference could be convened precisely for the agreement on the Tariff decree.

And now? «It appears evident, also from the document signed by the Regions to seal the agreement, that the commitment to guarantee the Lea uniformly throughout the national territory is certainly not finished: we believe that the Regions, in addition to rightly requesting that a monitoring to assess the economic-financial impact that the decree will have on regional accounts, must in turn undertake to ensure permanent monitoring of compliance with the essential levels of assistance, and that all institutions must be aware that updating the Lea it must be made a dynamic and constant measure and not a “one-off” measure”.

The fact that the regions ask, as the only measure to ensure the new services, raises concerns the exceeding of the expenditure limit on those carried out in private accredited, and not also a general reinvestment in all sectors of public health, for example for the strengthening of professional resources: «We expect», concludes Mandorino, «that the institutions, central and local, will take the relaunching of of the Health Service, the promotion of citizens’ health and the overcoming of inequalities. As citizens, we will continue to evaluate all aspects related to the provision of Lea, for example waiting lists and effective access to services, healthcare mobility, attention to prevention, the risk of desertification for services and public health workers”. Also VITA will continue to follow the story which, beyond the technical aspects, has a very high impact on the life of citizens with regard to the right to health.

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