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Heart attack, pay attention to this signal from the body: you had better not underestimate it

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Heart attack, pay attention to this signal from the body: you had better not underestimate it

An evil not to be underestimated in any way is heart attack. We must pay close attention to the signals of the body, especially this one

Not everyone is aware of symptoms that show up in a man when a heart attack. But of the symptomatology of women Can we say the same? In the common imagination, heart attack can affect men more. However, this is a wrong thought, as explained by the cardiologist Belinda Nazan Walpothwhich directs a special consultancy at theInselspital di Berna.

“Women suffer from heart problems as much as men: heart attacks, not breast cancer, are the leading cause of death in women”. These are the words of him and that open the way to one unthinkable revelation. Those who take the greatest risk are women in menopause. The main problem is represented by the fact that the symptoms are sometimes neglected and ignored but also misinterpreted.

This is because, unlike men, in the donne symptoms of heart attack arise very differently. The symptomatology of heart attack in women presents with shortness of breath, dyspnea, pressure in the backall’abdomen and al Chestpains in the jaw and al neck. But also nausea e He retched with an origin not entirely clear.

The body’s signal that you have a heart attack

Heart attack beware of this body signal

Il symptom more underestimated, the same one to pay more attention to, is precisely the nausea. Very often some symptoms such as digestive problems, pain in the back, legs, arms and numbness are attributed to other factors. Like muscle tension, stress, or a cold. Yet they should be regarded as a alarm bell and don’t underestimate any symptoms.

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According to what was reported by daily bedgenerally women who are affected by a heart attack are older than 10 years than men. Women, especially those who are in the menopause stage, should have gods periodic checks. Especially the blood tests are the main answer to always keep in mind.

There are many risk factors which can lead to a heart attack. We are talking about hypertension, stress, high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, menopause, smoking and alcohol. Furthermore, women who smoke run the risk of suffering a heart attack 25% more than other women. The risk becomes even higher in those who take the contraceptive pill.

It is very important to pay close attention to every symptom, to preserve your health. In fact, underestimating some details, it can have gods downsides. Always do a lot of attention.

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