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Heart attack, when you climb the stairs… the symptom you’re doomed for

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Heart attack, when you climb the stairs… the symptom you’re doomed for

heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular diseases account for 40% of deaths in Italy. Especially when it’s cold, like this season, the risk is higher. As the cardiologist explains Furio Colivicchipresident of Anmco (National Association of hospital cardiologists) a The messengeril symptom of the heart attack “more worrying and the chest pain, in the chest, in the precordial region”. Therefore, “if you feel discomfort or pressure in the chest when you go up the stairs”, he continues, “you should contact your doctor. With the cold, cardiovascular diseases “, he warns,” tend to get worse “because” the basse temperature they raise blood pressure.

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It is no coincidence that the most dangerous activity is “snow wash” which “is associated with major episodes of heart attack”. If you are not trained, adds Colivicchi, “you can leave the skin. Because in addition to the absence of physical exercise, the activity takes place in adverse circumstances”.

Then there are gods jobs that put the most at risk and are “the ones that involve shifts that disrupt the normal life cycle. All people who work many night shifts or even irregular shifts. Those who alter the sleep-wake rhythm and those who are awake when they should sleep increase the risk. You have to rest, don’t worry, at least 6-8 hours a day. Not less. And you have to sleep at nightwhen there is no light”.

As for thediet, if we want to reduce the risk of a heart attack, it is better to avoid “large binges. One must maintain the body weight compatible with one’s body structure. Adopt the ‘half portion’ policy”. Furthermore, it must be remembered that “the healthiest foods are those of vegetable origin and not animal. The meat is rich in fat, the red one has a higher content than the white one. We must therefore limit it to no more than three times a week”.

“The eggplant it is particularly beneficial in containing cholesterol. In addition to not containing any, it eliminates it. As well as the lentils eh peas which are good for cardiovascular health“, reveals Colivicchi. Cereals “rich in fiber such as avena e orzo” and fruit, especially the bodies which “help reduce cholesterol. They contain pectin, have a low calorie content, are rich in fiber and have a good glycemic balance (therefore also recommended for diabetics)”.

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