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“Hearthstone” new mode “Mercenary Team” demo, this is a JRPG turn-based mode | 4Gamers

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After the normal card battles and “Hero Battlefield”, “Hearthstone” officially launched the third mode “Mercenary Team” today (13). This time we also tried the “Mercenary Team” mode first.

Let’s briefly describe what this new mode is playing. “Hero Battlefield” is a PVE-type mode, but there is also a PVP mode. As the title says, this is a turn-based RPG game. At the beginning, players will get several level 1 mercenaries. At this time, the mercenaries only have one skill, and a deck can put up to 6 people, and the battle will be 3 people.

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-06-21 09.21.12

Entering each map has a tree-shaped task line, which has several sub-tasks. Players must match your mercenary deck and find a way to get through all the way to get the final reward. If your mercenary deck dies, unless there happens to be a soul healer on the map, it cannot be resurrected before the end of the map (it will automatically resurrect after the journey ends).

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-06-21 10.26.37

In addition to the soul healer, you can also randomly obtain some mercenary skills in the small level. These skills are not fixed and can only be used during the journey of the map. After reaching a certain level, more active and passive skills can be obtained, and equipment tasks can also be opened. Equipment can basically be regarded as one of passive skills.

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-06-21 10.04.09

If you have played “Slay the Spire”, you can probably quickly understand what the “Mercenary Team” is playing. However, unlike “Slay the Spire”, the mercenaries of the “Mercenary Team” still have basic differences. Fixed skills that change, not all skills can be obtained by climbing towers.

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In the battle, there will be different attack orders according to the attributes of the characters. In addition, the characters are divided into three attribute colors: “battler”, “spellcaster”, and “protector”. They have a mutual restraint mechanism, and have twice the attribute of fighting against each other. Damage, the others are double damage.

As for how to obtain mercenaries? Every time you play a level in the treasure chest, you have the opportunity to open an exclusive card pack for this mode (of course, you can also buy a card pack with cash), which will contain a complete mercenary and other mercenary fragments, which can be used to synthesize.

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Next, let’s talk about my thoughts on the “Mercenary Team”. First of all, something surprising is that the JRPG turn-based combat, which has always been regarded as obsolete by Europe and the United States, will actually be adopted by Hearthstone, and in addition to acquiring skills in levels Apart from that, it is almost the same as traditional games.

Next, it must be said that as a subsidiary mode of Hearthstone, the “Mercenary Team” is naturally presented in the form of cards. We can understand that the battle screen and special effects of the cards in the card game may be slightly monotonous, but From the perspective of the RPG game, then the mercenary battlefield is obviously not qualified at all. Although most of the characters in the mobile game are cards, but the card collision is used as an attack animation, it should be only Blizzard.

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Hearthstone Screenshot 10-06-21 10.54.39

In addition, in order to increase the complexity of the “Mercenary Team”, a number of passive skills are superimposed on the outfit, which turns the game into a very unintuitive arithmetic game. For our characters, it may be obvious as they grow up all the way. Heart, but looking at the enemy’s 3 active + 9 passive, it is really easy to misjudge damage.

In the end, the biggest problem with this mode may lie in PvP. (For details, see our interview with the producer in the next article). Since the matching is based on the comprehensive level of the deck, it is conceivable that the early matching mechanism is bound to be unsound, and the mercenary fragments are obvious. It is a Pay for Win mechanism, and its PVP mechanism is likely to be dispensable.

Hearthstone Screenshot 10-06-21 09.25.49

However, although there are shortcomings, it cannot be ignored that “Mercenary Team” is still a basic free-to-play game, and if you only play PVE, drawing cards is not absolutely necessary. After all, the level is higher than the mercenary itself. To eat heavy. Moreover, the game still has a certain degree of strategy, unlike mobile games that can directly take rare cards to hard-run, so in terms of it, the “mercenary team” can still be used as free entertainment.

The new mode of “Hearthstone” “Mercenary Team” was officially launched today.


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