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helps with blood pressure, intestines and slows down aging – breaking latest news

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helps with blood pressure, intestines and slows down aging – breaking latest news

by Eliana Liotta

Eliana Liotta’s «Smart Tips» column. The fruit has more vitamin C than oranges, is known for its natural laxative effect, promotes the control of hypertension and counteracts oxidative stress of cells

Exotic until the 1960s and today very Italian, the kiwi is a concentrate of healthy properties. Studies show that its constant consumption could lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, protect eyesight, help diabetics, combat atopic dermatitis, reduce wheezing in asthmatics, especially children. It is not a drug and these are the results of research that speak of probabilities with a certain dosage, not certainties. However, there are no doubts about some characteristics.

Vitamin C

Two green kiwis, one portion (150 grams), provide more vitamin C than an orange and even double the daily requirement. The golds, with yellow pulp, are even richer.

The intestine

Scientific literature shows that kiwis can have laxative effects. It is due to the fiber and water content (which is equivalent to 127 grams out of 150), but also to sorbitol, a sugar that is almost not digested and, once in the colon, attracts liquids by osmosis. Also in the intestine, kiwi pectins, prebiotic fibres, selectively nourish the favorable part of the microbiota, the population of microorganisms that we host and which participate in our well-being.

The pressure

One kiwi provides 215 milligrams of potassium, more than double the amount contained in a plate of lettuce. Together with sodium, the mineral regulates fluid levels in the body, which is why consuming foods rich in potassium and limiting salt is a way to keep blood pressure under control.

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Antioxidant activities

Kiwi is among the few fresh fruits that provide a good amount of vitamin E, which is concentrated in the seeds (so the central part should not be discarded). The micronutrient, as well as vitamins C and B9, has antioxidant properties, which counteract the oxidative stress of cells. As if they eliminated rust, going against cellular aging and protecting the entire organism.

* The review is by Raffaella Cancello, nutritionist at the Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Operational Unit of the Italian Auxological Institute in Milan

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