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Her name is Rossana, she is an anthropomorphic robot and works as a librarian

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Rossana is the name of the first anthropomorphic robot of Crs4, the Research Center of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia: equipped with artificial intelligence, knows how to recognize people’s faces and expresses emotions by changing the color of the face.

Produced in collaboration with Athlos, a Sardinian company expert in artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction, Rossana is the final result of the Robotika project, financed with around 300 thousand euros by Sardegna Ricerche: as expected, a prototype has been developed capable of conversing with people and, specifically, an automaton that can work as a library assistant able to interact with people, accompany them in front of the shelves and indicate the exact point in which to find the books requested.


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The experimentation took place in the Crs4 laboratories, set up as if it were a real library, and took place during the second lockdown: “Crs4 developed the robot using the rapid prototyping laboratories of Sardegna Ricerche to print the components – explained Giacomo Cao, sole administrator of Crs4 – Rossana currently understands the questions that are asked and provides answers with the help of artificial intelligence developed by Athlos. In addition, it is able to move independently for accompany visitors in front of the shelves, but above all it is able to perceive the surrounding environment, avoiding potential obstacles, thanks to the software developed and patented by our technicians “. Cao also specified that” the Crs4 has registered the Rossana trademark to identify the hardware, the physical components and the robot motion software “.

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The automaton was designed with a sort of brain that allows it to understand, speak, remember and learn: “Thanks to an experiential memory based on the visual recognition of the interlocutors, Rossana can manage personalized conversations “, explained Alessandro Frulio, Athlos technical-scientific manager, who hopes that this “is the first step to kick-start the development of robotics in Sardinia in order to meet the future challenges of the personal robot market, to be used in domestic environments and in other public contexts and private individuals, such as for assistance to people or surveillance “.

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The name Rossana, Massimo Deriu of Crs4 underlined, “refers to what has been developed by Crs4 for the physical robot, which is made up of software and hardware, partly open source, such as the Ros operating system (acronym for Robot operating system) and InMoov, from which the physical parts and a portion of the hardware originate “; Deriu highlighted that” the robot control software has been developed and patented, which manages all the movements of the arms, head and wheels. , while as regards the head it has been designed not only in the structural and aesthetic design also as regards the interaction system, such as the interface and usability “.


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