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Here are 5 alarming factors that indicate your kidneys are asking for help

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The kidneys perform a very important function of eliminating waste present in the body, through the production of urine. Their malfunction, therefore, has consequences on a general level, as the toxins remain in the blood. Consequently, it is good to recognize those warning symptoms of kidney failure, in order to intervene promptly. Here, then, are 5 alarming factors that indicate that the kidneys are asking for help. Well, the first symptom is insomnia. In fact, the increase in the level of toxins, not excreted through the urine, makes it difficult to fall asleep. This, on the contrary, is also the reason why not sleeping well can affect kidney function. Not surprisingly, people with chronic kidney disease most commonly suffer from sleep apnea.

Other factors indicative of the malfunction of the kidneys

The second symptom we need to know is headache, accompanied by a widespread sense of fatigue. This is because, if the kidneys are healthy, they convert Vitamin D to strengthen the skeletal system. In addition, they also normally produce a very important hormone for red blood cells, called Erythropoietin. As a result, the reduction of oxygen-producing red blood cells leads to muscle and brain fatigue. Another sign (3) may be itchy skin. This consequence is closely related to kidney function, consisting in maintaining the right amount of minerals in the body. In addition, the kidneys help provide the body with the nutrients it needs. Therefore, malfunctioning of them can cause dry and itchy skin.

Here are 5 alarming factors that indicate your kidneys are asking for help

We are at the fourth alarming sign is shortness of breath. This symptom is linked to two important factors. First, if the kidneys aren’t working properly, the body’s extra fluid moves into the lungs. Second, anemia deprives the body of oxygen. Therefore, when you realize that, even with the slightest effort, you are left out of breath, you should contact your doctor. In fact, this symptom is also common to two other very serious pathologies which are: lung cancer and heart failure.

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Finally, the fifth factor is swelling in the ankles, feet and hands. This too can be a wake-up call. In fact, when the kidneys do not work properly, it is not possible to excrete excess fluids. Hence, the sodium retention that causes the swelling. However, even in this case, the symptom is common to other pathologies. In fact, swelling of the lower parts of the body can also signal heart and liver problems. Therefore, it is good to consult your doctor.

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