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Here are 6 tips to keep fit when we have zero time to hit the gym

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Sometimes it seems impossible to find the time to engage in physical activity and go to the gym. How many times have we signed up to go only the first few weeks or once a month. Trying to get time to go to the gym can get downright frustrating. Not finding it, however, disappoints and discourages us.

Work, shifts, study, children, home and so on. The reasons for giving up physical activity are really numerous and different. The truth is that there are many of us trying to figure out how to adapt the time for exercise to our days, to our busy schedules. So how to do when we fail?

Here are 6 tips to keep fit when we have zero time to hit the gym

Let’s see some valid ideas, which could spur and motivate us. Let’s try doing some bonus activities throughout the day and throughout the week to keep the body moving. A few more minutes of movement here and there add up over time ensuring enough physical activity and beyond all expectations. Let’s find out together:

  • Let’s take the stairs. We already knew this, and we have also reiterated it in the past. Everyone can preserve physical and mental health with this exercise that can also be practiced at home. But how many times do we choose the stairs to the elevator when we have the opportunity? Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, as specified in the cited article, increases the heart rate, helps with balance and strengthens the lower limbs. If we have a few minutes, then, let’s take the stairs of our condominium or office. When we are also feeling fit, we try to climb the stairs two steps at a time.
  • We walk while we are on the phone. If we work from home and have a call scheduled, we may schedule a walk during at least one phone call per day. If we work in the office, we could walk together with a colleague. Walking together improves team bonding and may even help us come up with better ideas. In fact, research has shown (Mualem R et al, 2018) that walking increases creativity and improves mental acuity.
  • Let’s sit on a fitness ball. We replace the office chair with a gymnastic ball. This can help with back pain and improve posture. Also, we could do exercises for the neck, pelvis and spine. We could also add some abdominal and hip activity. All while we are sitting at the desk.
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But it’s not over yet …

  • We park far away. Let’s consider the possibility of parking further away from the entrance to the destination. The stretch of road will allow us to walk and increase the daily step count.
  • Let’s dance to the music we listen to. Let’s put on some music and move with the body while we cook, or while we fold the laundry and vacuum. Dancing is a great way to burn calories and work on balance and coordination. Plus, it can be fun with kids too.
  • Finally, we stretch during TV time. We could also walk on the treadmill, use the stationary bike or weights to strengthen the limbs. The average length of an episode of a Netflix series is approximately 45 minutes. That would be 45 minutes of exercise.

On the go without going to the gym

Here are 6 ways to keep fit when we have zero time to go to the gym. We know how difficult it is to maintain a good routine, but these ideas could motivate us and help us move a little more during the day and, above all, without agenda stress.


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