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here are the 10 rules to avoid contagion and reinfection

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here are the 10 rules to avoid contagion and reinfection

In Italy the virus has resumed its run. In yesterday’s bulletin, Tuesday 29 March, the new infections in the 24 were almost 100 thousand with a positivity rate that rises to 15%. As confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Omicron 2 has now become dominant.

In our country, cases have multiplied in recent weeks, driven by the sub-variant, whose contagiousness is equal to that of measles. Not only. Omicron and Omicron 2 could lead to reinfections, since the immunity conferred by the South African variant is lower than that of the previous or vaccines.

For this reason, Massimo Andreonidirector of Infectious Diseases of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of Simit (Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases), suggested a series of rules to follow to avoid infecting yourself, reinfecting and spreading the virus at home and at work.

The 10 rules for not getting reinfected with Omicron 2

The first anti Omicron 2 standard recommended by Andreoni is the use of mask. Even when the obligation to wear it disappears completely. In an interview with the Messenger, the expert explains: “Whether it is the surgical one or the more protective one, that is the Ffp2, it is good to continue to use it both at work and in commercial premises, in theaters, cinemas, restaurants.».

The second rule concerns the closed environments. In fact, it is in these types of places that the virus circulates fastest, especially if there is no adequate ventilation. In this case, Andreoni’s advice is to always keep the masks in the presence of a large number of people with whom you are in close contact. Also due to the lack of space.

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Andreoni’s third indication concerns the open spaces. The doctor invites you to be careful also in this case, because spring and sun do not mean the absence of the virus. “Doing without protection both on the mouth and on the nose could prove dangerous whenever you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a group of friends or acquaintances. Let’s not forget that, even outdoors, the risk of contagion is always there, and if you come into contact with another infected person, without protection and a safe distance, the probability of getting infected is very high.».

The fourth mistake not to make, according to the expert, is “think the pandemic is over» only because the attention threshold has dropped. Also following the conflict in Ukraine. Andreoni in fact recalls that Covid-19 continues to run as demonstrated by the surge in new cases (yesterday, Tuesday 29 March almost 100,000).

The fifth point concerns the vaccines. The doctor remembers how essential they are to avoid hospitalization and serious illness. That is why, underlines Andreoni, it is important to complete the cycle with the third dose: at the moment in Italy there are still 10 million Italians to whom the first two doses had been administered. “Only after having performed the booster, can it be considered to have an immunity that confers protection from severe symptoms»Explained Andreoni.

The sixth point concerns reinfections. With Omicron 2, in fact, it could be re-infected even a few months after a previous infection with another variant. Andreoni therefore invites the prudence in playing sportsobserving the rules of spacing and sanitation to minimize the risks.

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The seventh point is also connected to thereinfections alarm. Your doctor urges you not to abandon protective measures (such as masks and spacing) once healed. “In fact, it is not uncommon for us to be reinfected, often with a different variant. This phase of the pandemic is in fact characterized by reinfections in healed and also vaccinated subjects», The infectious disease specialist explained to the Messenger.

The eighth point concerns the(wrong) idea that a reinfection can only be a cold: «There are now reports of people reinfected, especially unvaccinated, who can have severe symptoms and find themselves in a hospital bed for several days».

The ninth indication of the Decalogue concerns i children. On the little ones, the professor explains that it is wrong to think that they cannot get seriously ill: for this reason it is recommended to hurry with the vaccination cycle, limiting the infections.

The last point concerns theevolution of Omicron and its “sisters”. Andreoni recalls that it may not be the last variant and it is not certain that the next ones will be «less dangerous than the current ones“. For this reason, we must continue to pay attention.

The epidemiological situation in Italy

According to data from yesterday’s bulletin, Tuesday 29 March, the new positives in the 24 hours were 99,457. The victims are 177. The positive rate rises to 15%.

There were 660,708 molecular and antigenic swabs carried out in the 24 hours. As for hospitalizations, 487 patients in intensive care are stable compared to the previous day. The patients in the ordinary wards are 9,740, or 244 more than in the previous 24 hours. In Lombardy the cases are 12,518, in Campania 11,755 and in Lazio 11,430.

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