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Here are the 12 innovation champions 2021, among them is the Italian Tech Person of the Year: vote!

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So on December 9 in Milan we have a party. A celebration of innovation, which is called 2031. The Italian Tech Awards “. At the Triennale, to be precise inside the Triennale Milano Teatro: it will be a way to meet again, to wish us well, to talk about the place where we are all going, and that many are trying to make better. The future, that is.

With Cristiano Seganfreddo (of 2031.com and a thousand other things) and Eleonora Nail (Millionaire, the song of the innovators), we are organizing a small party to which you are all invited. The pretext: to reward 18 of the best startups of the year chosen by 2031 with some large companies. The second pretext, to choose the Italian Tech Person of the Year all together. The person who in 2021, using technology, had the greatest impact in terms of turnover, or social impact, and progress.

When we have you asked to nominate your Italian Tech Person of the Year, last November 19th, we did not think that it would be so difficult to choose the 10 names to be submitted to the vote to identify the 3 finalists. Too many good stories, to the point that we submit 12 and even so there are at least a couple that we regret having left out. But in the end it’s a game, a way to say “thank you” to all those who have done something beautiful and important for others. By proving, confirming, that innovation is always the best way to build the future.

You find the 12 candidates told briefly by Eleonora Chioda on Italian Tech. You can rate them with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn: to express your preference just share your favorite in the Stories and / or interact with the posts that will tell the protagonists of the evening; the two candidates who get the most mentions will go to the final, together with a third candidate that we will fish for at the end.

So help us find out who made the most impact in 2021. And if you are in Milan, on the 9th evening, we are waiting for you at the Triennale: book here.


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