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Here are the 6 habits that are good for the heart, necessary for prevention

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The heart can be considered as the engine of our body, which carries oxygen to all tissues. Furthermore, it allows the elimination of waste and waste substances. It is, therefore, the central organ, to which all our care and attention should be directed. However, we often lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which puts our heart health at risk. And this is how cardiovascular diseases continue to be the cause of 44% of deaths in Italy. In this article, therefore, we will try to report some indications on how to protect the health of our heart.

Here, then, are the 6 habits that are good for the heart, necessary for prevention. First of all, the latter is implemented by modifying our lifestyle, so as to positively condition the risk factors. In particular, it is necessary to adopt a correct diet, based on the Mediterranean diet, therefore prefer: cereals, legumes, vegetables, fish and lean meats. Then: reduce the use of salt and red meat. Finally, eliminate, if possible: fatty foods, fried foods, sweets.

Lifestyle habits to take for heart health

Second rule of behavior, which seems trivial but is essential is: do not smoke or stop smoking. Smoking, in fact, strongly hinders the regular heart functions, literally poisoning our body and its main organs. Rule No. 3: keep cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar under control. Rule No. 4: regularly engage in physical activity, especially aerobic ones. So, at least 3 times a week, spend at least 45 minutes running or brisk walking.

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Or: swimming or cycling, depending on your age and state of health. Rule No. 5: maintain a good body weight. How to know, however, our ideal weight, we will ask? Well, just calculate the body mass index, that is: the weight in kg divided by the height in meters squared. So, if the result indicates a value less than 25, it means that we are “fit”. If, on the other hand, the value is greater than 25, it means that we are overweight. Rule No. 6: reduce sources of stress as much as possible, especially if prolonged over time.

Here are the 6 habits that are good for the heart, necessary for prevention. Conclusions

Prevention, called primary, concerns subjects who do not yet have heart disease. So, these are rules of behavior that everyone, heart disease or not, should follow. Furthermore, alongside the rules of conduct, there are also values ​​that we must keep an eye on. This, in fact, to avoid incurring heart disease. Well, it is, first of all, the cholesterol values, which we will check with blood tests. In addition, attention must be paid to blood pressure, the so-called hypertension, which is indicative of a dangerous restriction of blood vessels. It leads to a loss of elasticity of the artery walls and a consequent fatigue and thickening of the heart. To check it, it is necessary to measure blood pressure, through the sphygmomanometer.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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