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Here are the benefits of apple. The #3 is crazy: that’s what

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Here are the benefits of apple.  The #3 is crazy: that’s what

The apple is an extraordinary fruit that has accompanied man since the dawn of time. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the apple has spread to various regions where some of the most prosperous and splendid civilizations of the ancient world emerged, starting from Asia Minor to Mesopotamia, its areas of origin, up to Ancient Egypt and then in Greece and in Europe. Today we will see together the many benefits that this great fruit brings to man.

Here are the benefits of apple. The #3 is crazy: that’s what

1) Promotes digestion. Anyone who by mistake thinks that fruit shouldn’t be eaten after meals should think again, in fact the citric acid and malic acid present in the apple support good digestion. These two substances, which furthermore specify the flavor and aroma of any classification of pome, keep the acidity of the stomach constant.

2) Powerful anti-aging. In addition to including many mineral salts and vitamins, apples are an authoritative concentrate of phenolic compounds, with an antioxidant function. In fact, the polyphenols, and in particular the flavonoids of which the fruit is full, block the formation of free radicals, slowing down oxidative stress and curbing premature cellular aging.

3) Reduces cholesterol. What makes this fruit famous for its healthy virtues are especially the fibers, both soluble and insoluble, which represent 2.1% of the components. Above all, in apples we find pectin, a soluble fiber that is very precious for the body», continues the nutritionist. After reaching the digestive system, in fact, it forms a gelatinous substance which is capable not only of decreasing the absorption of the so-called “bad” cholesterol.

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4) Warfare both diarrhea and constipation. It should not be forgotten that fibers are a co-belligerent of intestinal well-being, capable of positively intervening on possible alterations of the microbiota. The characteristic of this fruit is that it manages to fight both constipation and dysentery. Then if it is eaten cooked, it not only has a laxative effect but, by facilitating the evacuation process, it can cooperate in the healing of any hemorrhoids.

5) Whiten your teeth. Finally, perhaps few people know that malic acid is a natural antiseptic and stain remover, which can be used to protect the gums from possible irritations and bring the teeth back to pure white.

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