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here are the consequences for our body

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here are the consequences for our body

Onion is our queen of the kitchen, irreplaceable with its unique and strong flavor. Onions have many beneficial properties, but what would happen to our body if we ate two onions a day? Are they doing well or is it just an exaggeration? In this article we will delve into this topic.

Onions contain many propertiesbut these beneficial properties can only be assimilated when the onions are not cooked. Onions, on the other hand, fried or cooked, slowly lose not their content and become only a condiment for their flavor.

But now let’s see what happens to our body if we ate two onions a day. Being widely used in cooking, it is almost impossible not to eat the onion, especially the white one is excellent for some recipes cut into very small pieces, with an addition of tomato. The red one, on the other hand, is very good when paired with a mixed green salad or other dressings.

The onion, as we said before, has many nutritional sources, but it does not contain lactose or gluten, so it is perfect to be eaten by celiacs and diabetics. Although the taste of onion is not good for everyone, eating it is very important. Let’s find out together.

Eat the two raw onions every day, promotes the decrease of bad cholesterol and a good functioning of our digestive system. Although this is not the case for everyone. Very often the onion is not very digestible. It is important to know that onion only eliminates bad cholesterolcalled LDL and not the good one HDL.

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Furthermore, the daily consumption lot is able to help our heart, to make our cardiovascular system work better, reducing the risk of heart attacks or strokes. Eating two onions a day is not bad at all, indeed, being excellent antioxidant is capable of counteracting the premature aging of our cells, counteracts free radicals, and counteracts pathologies such as tumors and cancers.

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of onion as an anticancer, this is because it contains quercetin, this substance is able to counteract the communication of cancer cells in spreading in our body and prevent the problem. Great, especially for those suffering from colon and breast pathologies.

Eat two onions a dayit also helps our liver, intestines and improves our constipation, strengthens the health of our bones and counteracts the formation of multiple sclerosis or osteoporosis.

It is a real cure-all, eating two onions a day would be a good habit to yoke into our daily diets. Just be careful not to overdo the product and in case of intolerance contact your doctor immediately.

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