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here are the foods to defeat it

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here are the foods to defeat it

Mental fatigue is a disorder that many Italians suffer from, but with the right diet it is possible to defeat this disease. Let’s see in detail what to do and what are the recommended foods.

Mental fatigue it is a small ailment that everyone in life has to deal with sooner or later. A symptom that often manifests itself suddenly, sometimes ending with becoming chronic and that is characterized by a mood that heavily affects the body.

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Bone pain, difficulty concentrating, and temporary memory loss are among the most common symptoms which can lead to mental fatigue.

Mental fatigue, an increasingly widespread disorder in the Western world: the reason

It is a disturbance which in the Western world is increasingly widespread and the reasons are easy to imagine: in an increasingly frenetic society, performance anxiety in work and private life is very high, perhaps never in the past in history. In older people for example, the lack of sleep becomes decisive in its onsetand doctors often struggle to make a diagnosis, precisely because from a physical point of view there are no particular problems, despite the patient complaining of symptoms spread throughout the body.

However, it is clear how stress is one of the main causes of mental fatigue, and how it is the task of each of us in everyday life, if he wants to keep body and mind healthy, he must do everything possible to avoid encountering these symptoms. Moreover, for a long time now, medicine has discovered how much proper nutrition is able to make a difference in determining our mood during the day.

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To defeat mental fatigue, you need to “heal” your sleep-wake cycle

So to avoid running into mental fatigue, eating well is essential, as is always trying to correctly divide the meals we consume during the day. Not everyone knows, but to regulate the rhythm of our sleep are two hormones called melatonin and serotonin, which, however, can constantly reproduce in our organism only when we adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently consuming foods such as whole grains, but also white meats and legumes, can ensure our body the right dose of vitamins to drive away stress. Then there are drinks and foods that are on the contrary prohibited after dinner, if you don’t want to negatively affect our sleep-wake cycle.

Mental fatigue, here are what drinks to avoid before going to bed to stay healthy

Among these, of course, are exciting drinks such as coffee, coca cola and theine, which should never be consumed before going to bed. Then there are the so-called energizing foods, able, if habitually consumed, to offer our body the right caloric intake that allows us to decisively prevent ailments such as chronic mental fatigue.

These include, for example, honey, yogurt, citrus fruits and many types of vegetables. Mental fatigue can then be defeated if we take the right vitamins which in this case belong to group B, including salts such as magnesium and potassium which help our body to remain always on and perky.

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