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here are the structures of the new plan. Where they will be and how they will work

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here are the structures of the new plan.  Where they will be and how they will work

They are the evolution of the old ones (and to be honest) that never took off health houses. The outpost with which the Lazio wants to remodel the health care proximity, that in the smaller neighborhoods and municipalities, to increase the levels of prevention and minimize the use of hospitals. Options when ever needed after the Covid.

At the heart of the new health plan that Lazio will finance with Pnrr (total value 550 million euros) there are 170 community houses. Sixty of which only a Roma.

Zingaretti: «Healthcare, let’s change everything: 60 new centers in Rome. Primary for the regional “

The philosophy

Nicola ZingarettiTuesday 15 February (during the face to face meeting with the director Massimo Martinelli who kicked off the “Controcampo” events on TV messenger) it is not by chance that he spoke of “a new local health system”. And the governor also added: “In the Pnrr we have already planned, and are being financed, new territorial structures for which there will be 60 community houses in Rome, and another 56 in the metropolitan city: that is, presidia with outpatient clinics for basic necessities, from analysis to psychologists “.

What are they

With a total cost of 165 million euros, the new community houses will be born by 2025. As mentioned, the aim is to revolutionize the provision of healthcare services. We want, in a single structure, to provide all basic services, putting in the field general practitioners, pediatricians, outpatient specialists such as cardiologists or orthopedists, to be supported by operators such as speech therapists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation technicians.

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So screening and rehabilitation, also to give quick (and close to home) care, especially to the chronically ill and older. In this scheme, the “family nurses” will be central, who, in collaboration with the single booking centers (such as today’s Recup), will indicate to patients who to contact and what services are needed.

The map

The Region’s goal is to create a community house for every 20,000 inhabitants. In fact, by modernizing the old health houses or building new realities, these structures will be built in ASL Roma 1 in piazzale dei Partigiani, viale Angelico, Circonvallazione Nomentana, via dei Frentani, Porta di Roma, via Cassia or viale Tor di Quinto. In Rome 2 there are, among others, via Pietralata, via del Frantoio, via Casal Dei Pazzi, via della Rustica, via Niccolò Forteguerri, via di Torre Spaccata, via Antistio via del Casale de Merode and via Ardeatina.

As for Roma 3, just to mention the main ones, the community houses will be located between via Casalbernocchi, largo Quadrelli in Corviale or via Ramazzini. Therefore, in the center as well as in the suburbs, even in areas where the current principals are often without doctors and equipment. In community homes, general practitioners will also be called to play a central role. In exchange for state-of-the-art equipment and better organized studies, the Region aims to transfer general medicine to these realities.

The doctors

In this regard note Pier Luigi Bartoletti, number one in Lazio of the Fimmg (Italian Federation of doctors of General medicine): «Before joining, we want to understand the project and the professional opportunities well. It can be interesting if we reduce the supply chain in the provision of services, but it risks being a flop like the health houses if there are not all the necessary professionals. In Spain and Portugal they followed the same direction, then the money ran out. With the result that those who could afford it turned to private medicine, while the poorest continued to crowd the hospitals ”.

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