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Here is a truly unexpected but effective remedy for ear and neck pain

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With the arrival of autumn the rains intensify and that fresh air that we love so much begins to be perceived. Too bad, however, that this freshness and that slight breeze that occasionally touches our hair are “fatal” for the cervix. Those who suffer from inflamed neck know what it means to stay hours on the bed without being able to get up because it is as if you see the “room turn”.

The symptoms of the inflamed cervical, in fact, are dizziness and vertigo which could also cause nausea and consequent rejection, as well as neck stiffness and pain. Often these pains also radiate to the neighboring parts and therefore the ears.

However, earache can be caused not only by the inflamed neck but by several factors. One of these is the flu that could come from the cold during the day. The ProiezionidiBorsa team recommends that you always contact your doctor for further evaluations and, if necessary, to indicate a therapy.

But some grandmother’s remedies can also help which, as we know, do not hurt because mostly natural ingredients are used. Furthermore, there is no additional cost since these are products that we have at home. This is why here is a truly unexpected but effective remedy for earache and neck pain.

Inside the sock …

It seems truly incredible and yet it is a remedy of very ancient origin that our great-grandmothers or even the great-great-grandmothers used. “Inside the sock”, yes, because that’s exactly what we need. A faded sock we wanted to throw away. Let’s not throw it in the trash because it could come in handy.

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Here is a truly unexpected but effective remedy for ear and neck pain

What should we put inside the sock? The coarse salt. But we wait because the salt needs to be heated. So let’s take a pan and pour a handful of salt. If we use the long sock then we will need a larger amount. We heat and as soon as it is hot and slightly toasted we turn off the heat. With the help of a utensil, such as a funnel, in order not to burn ourselves, we pour the salt into the sock. We close, also with an elastic, and rest on the neck and ears.

It is really an unusual and unexpected remedy, but it seems that the hot salt absorbs the moisture and lightens the weight that is felt on the neck due to the inflammation. Of course, anything can be used instead of the stocking, provided it is an old thing as it could get damaged.

This is a grandmother’s remedy but for safety we consult the doctor for a consultation.


Great against water retention but this vegetable could interfere with these medications and supplements

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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