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Here is Nabbovaldo, the CNR video game dedicated to cybersecurity

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Presented on the occasion of the Rome Videogame Lab (this year dedicated to Human and Digital), the educational videogame Nabbovaldo and blackmail from cyberspace is meant for to bring pupils between 11 and 13 years old closer to cybersecurity issues and to improve behavior in the use of the Network, which can often hide risks and dangers.

This is an interactive adventure to play in the classroom, new initiative of the Registry of the Registry, an organization that, within the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of the CNR of Pisa, has been assigning and managing Italian domains for over 30 years: environments, maps, dialogues, multiple scenarios are the contents (validated by the CNR researchers) at the base of the videogame, which precisely “aims to deepen, among children and young people, knowledge related to the Web and online safety“, because “Nabbovaldo and blackmail from cyberspace it was conceived as a didactic tool for teachers and as a learning tool for students “.

Social network

Challenges and online hoaxes, TikTok’s countermeasures to defend teenagers

by Emanuele Capone

Through the typical modalities of the videogame, it aims to teach, “in an ironic and unusual way, computer terms, basic notions and correct behavior to navigate”. Not only that: there is also one Nabbopedia section which provides a mini dictionary with the definitions of some technical terms such as trojan, firewall, adware, antivirus, troll, ransomware, scandisk and spyware and “the game, usable both individually and while taking lessons and workshops, generates a final score that highlights knowledge of the dangers of the Internet, with special attention to social networks, viruses, online scams, file sharing and netiquette “.

Developed in collaboration with Symmaceo and Grifo Multimedia and available on the App Store and Play Store, is inspired by the comic Nabbovaldo against zombie PCs of the Comics & Science series published by Cnr, where the protagonist, a teenager always online, but naive in facing the dangers of cyberspace, moves to Internetopoli, the city of the Net.


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