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Here is Ovy: the artificial intelligence that responds to e-mails in a single click is Italian

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Here is Ovy: the artificial intelligence that responds to e-mails in a single click is Italian

It is a virtual assistant, it is perfectly integrated with Google software and services (but it is not a new version of Assistant) and has the advantage of having been developed by an Italian startup, Userbot, founded in 2017 in Milan. Ovy, this is the name of the product on the worldwide launch pad, is a tool aimed at business users (professionals, SMEs but also large companies) that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to process reply e-mails with a just click, thus substantially reducing the management time of incoming communications. And that the solution is a panacea for many managers is shown by a recent report by Mckinsey & Company, according to which 28% of a person’s working day is destined on average to respond to messages accumulated in the mailbox, which is about two hours and half expenses every day to process and contextualize an e-mail reply.

How does it work

The peculiarity of Ovy is soon explained, and is that of knowing how to automatically identify who is the recipient and the content of the message in order to write a realistic and relevant text to the context, recognizing in real time the language of the message received and generating a response. in the same language. Its use, Userbot spokespersons confirm, is very simple: once installed, just open the e-mail you want to reply to and click on the “generate reply” command, selecting one of the available custom options and adding any information specifications before sending the email with a last click. At the discretion of the user is the choice of the “tone” and the register of the response, which can be positive (the thumbs up icon), negative (thumbs down) or thanks (hands joined) or formal, informal , generic, cheerful and more. The free version of Ovy offers 50 reply emails, those who need more can invest in the premium version with different subscription profiles.

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Integration with the Google world

Another plus of this “made in Italy” technology is undoubtedly the possibility of being integrated directly into the Gmail mailbox using a Chrome extension downloadable from the BigGe browser store and being interoperable with Google Calendar in order to plan any meetings. In this case, simply click on the calendar icon so that Ovy’s artificial intelligence compares the availability of the agenda, generates an adequate response and proposes to set a meeting for a specific date and time based on the various availabilities, in a few seconds and without consulting your agenda continuously.

A first step towards a symbiotic future

Userbot was born as a conversational artificial intelligence platform to automate conversations between users and companies via chat, voice calls and human-like virtual assistants and formulate responses to requests in real time. The technology, based on natural language processing systems and deep learning algorithms that exploit neural networks, is proprietary and patented and is accompanied by a completely no code dashboard designed to create customized communication flows aimed at training AI. Ovy is the latest addition to the Userbot series and in just one day it ranked second in the ranking of the American portal Product Hunt, a reference on a global scale for tech news. Yet, as Antonio Giarrusso, founder and CEO of the startup confided, “it all started as an internal experiment that worked in such a surprising way that it prompted us to build a complete product”. A product that now lands on the market, laying the foundations for what Giarrusso defines as “a symbiotic integration between man and machine based on minimal interaction. Ovy is an example of this, the first step towards the future of e-mail ”.

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