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here is the food you must always avoid – Libero Quotidiano

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Diet can also affect your health. A recent research coordinated by the Helmholtz Diabetes Center in Munich, published on the pages of Nature Metabolism, highlighted how a diet that is too high in fat and sugar it can jeopardize the stem cells of the intestine, leading to obesity, diabetes and even cancer. “The intestine – as explained by the researchers – acts as a central regulator of energy and glucose homeostasis and responds rapidly to dietary and nutritional changes”.

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The studies were conducted on animals, which for long periods ate a high-calorie diet. The result? First of all, the small intestine increases “noticeably” in size. Then, by analyzing the stem cells in detail, “we found that intestinal cells divide and differentiate much faster in mice that eat an unhealthy diet,” confirms Anika Böttcher, coordinator of the study. Precisely this excessive activity could be the main mechanism underlying the development of intestinal tumors.

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But research has also shown that such unusual stem cell behavior produces an imbalance between gut cell populations. A useful discovery for scholars in the development of pharmacological therapies that allow to obtain results similar to those currently associated with bariatric surgery. Meanwhile, the European Commission has given the green light to pralsetinib, a therapy for adult patients with advanced lung cancer positive for fusion of the Ret genus. This is the “first and only treatment target approved in the EU “for patients with these characteristics. The therapy will be developed by the pharmaceutical company Roche together with Blueprint Medicines.

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