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here is the online space for those with fears and insecurities

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here is the online space for those with fears and insecurities

A space that welcomes parents grappling with raising a child, with all the fears and insecurities involved. And this Pampers Villagethe section of the Coccole Pampers app, which offers a wide range of content created to answer doubts, questions and problems related to the first 1000 days of the baby’s life.

In this article

Pampers Village: the online space dedicated to new parents

Launched in 2021, the project was developed together with Heart4Childrenwhich is a Social Promotion Association, with the contribution of Mind4Children, the spin-off of the University of Padua. These two realities, born at the behest of Professor Daniela Lucangeli, have the objective of providing knowledge, skills and useful tools to support children in the critical moments of growth.

Articles and podcasts to give advice, answer questions and share stories

Within the app you can find podcasts and articles grouped into three macro-areas:

  • “Stories of mum and dad”. These are podcasts that give voice to families who share their personal experience with other parents on small everyday difficulties and on big issues such as adoption and integration, specific learning disabilities and much more.
  • “Expert Advice”. Here are articles and podcasts to address the more or less recurring issues of parenting. They range from the importance of play to that of pampering, up to more practical aspects such as managing the sleep of the newborn.
  • “Door”. This is a free telephone listening point that allows parents to have direct contact with specialized professionals, who suggest the most suitable local or online service to offer based on the reported problem.

«We have made our best experts available and we have managed to stabilize the listening point, through which we take care of all the families who need support, small or large, in a direct, individualized and free way». comment Daniela Lucangeli, president of Mind4Children, ed Henry Facco, president of the Heart4Children Association. «We intend to become a point of reference for parents who are raising their children at their best but to whom no one has taught how to do it».

New parents: the most common insecurities

This service was born after analyzing the insecurities of new parents. In fact, a Pampers research shows that mothers and fathers have greater doubts about managing tantrums, about choosing the best games to develop physical and cognitive skills, about the possibility of giving them electronic devices. Fears also focus on breastfeeding and artificial milk, seasonal ailments and ailments, and sleep. Parents also ask themselves many questions about choosing to entrust their children to another person and about returning to work after maternity leave.

In light of this evidence, the study confirms that today 1 in 4 parents feel the need to have external support when making decisions regarding their children in the early years. Furthermore, the search for answers first of all passes through the web/social media on which a parent relies in more than 50% of cases (58% for fathers). This figure is the mirror of today’s society where the “new” parents are now all Millennials (or even younger) and therefore naturally oriented towards a “digital first” world in which information is obtained, first of all, from the internet.

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